The Great Gatsby Chapter 7

Why does Gatsby fire all his servants and stop giving parties? To avoid them gossiping about him and Daisy. They were replaced with Wolfheim’s “brothers and sisters”, who were probably not servants, but people doing illegal acts.
Gatsby sees something at Daisy’s that bothers him very much. Explain. He sees Pammy, Daisy and Tom’s daughter. Now it will be hard to erase the last 5 years. He sees Pammy as an emotional connection between Tom and Daisy. Gatsy’s conscience will bother him if he takes Daisy away from her family, even though Daisy is cool and distant with Pammy.
Why does Daisy kiss Gatsy while Tom is on the phone in the other room? She is living recklessly…maybe trying to get caught to get back Tom at since he has a mistress. (Jordan says Daisy is a “low, vulgar” person for doing this”.)
What does Gatsby hear in Daisy’s voice? He hears “money”…it has a attitude of the upper class. He wants to be part of her world.
When does Tome realize that Daisy loves Gatsby? When they are in the hot room and Daisy with intense passion in her voice, tells Gatsby he “always looks cool.”
Why does George Wilson need money from Tom? He realizes that Myrtle is cheating on him, he’s feeling sick, and he and Myrtle are heading out West. Wilson’s dream is dead and wants to escape to New York with his wife.
What does the weather symbolize in this chapter? It is very hot and stifling. Tensions are mounting and something is about to explode. Heat is like passion, jealousy, and hate.
Why is Myrtle upset when she sees Tom and Jordan? She thinks Jordan is Tom’s wife; Tom ignoring Myrtle; Myrtle becomes jealous
Gatsby did not want to hear what Daisy told him. Explain. She loves Tom…he was expecting her to say she would leave him to marry Gatsby.
What is significant about Nick forgetting, then remembering, his 30th birthday? It’s the end of risk-taking era – the 1920’s.
Who does Tom think killed Myrtle? What really happened? Thinks Gatsby killed her, but it was actually Daisy — she was driving.
What does the “watching eyes” of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg symbolize? God
How have things not changed as they are all gathered at the Buchanan house? Nick is on the the couch with Jordan; Tom is talking on the phone with his mistress; life will be the same for Daisy
Why does Tom refer to Gatsby and Daisy’s little affair as an “intermarriage”? Tom is very class conscience, considers the lower class a lower “race.” (Ironic because Myrtle is of a lower class…a double standard for Tom.)
How does Nick feel about Jordan and the Buchanans’ at the end of the day? He doesn’t like what they represent and no longer wants to be around them.

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