The Great Gatsby: Chapter 6 Quiz

Rumors about gatsby reporter even travels to Gatsby’s mansion hoping to interview him. Having learned the truth about Gatsby’s early life sometime before writing his account.
Gatsby’s Home He was born on a North Dakota Farm
Gatsby’s first college went to St. Olaf’s in Minnesota, but dropped out after two weeks, since he had to be a janitor to pay his tuition
Gatsby’s summer job He worked on Lake Superior fishing for salmon and digging for clams
The Dan Cody Run In One day, he saw a yacht owned by Dan Cody, and rowed out to warn him out an impending storm. Cody took him in as his personal assistant.
Gatsby’s jobs on Dan Cody’s ship Gatsby looked after him after Cody got drunk, was his first mate, steward, skipper, and secretary.
James Gatz Gatsby’s real name. He simply invented Jay Gatsby as a name to match the person he wanted to be like: Dan Cody. He needed a name to match his love fro wealth and luxury. `
Gatsby’s lost fortunes Cody left Gatsby $25,000, but his mistress, Ella Kaye, took the money from Gatsby by using a legal loophole.
How Gatsby gained his fortunes gatsby then used all the lessons that Cody taught him, and dedicated himself to becoming a wealth and successful man.
Gatsby’s run in with Tom and the Sloanes Tom and the Sloanes come over to Gatsby’s house, and Gatsby seems nervous and agitated, and tells Tom that he “knows his wife.”
Tom’s suspicions he finds it odd that Daisy visits Gatsby’s house alone, and is suspicious but has not yet discovered their love for each other.
Gatsby’s Second Party Gatsby throws a second party, but it is so ostentatious that even Daisy gets upset and does not like it.
Gatsby Wants to Recreate the past Gatsby tells Nick that he can recreate the past just like it was in Louisville for Daisy, and that his money can accomplish anything in terms of that.
Gatsby’s attachment After Gatsby first kissed Daisy, he became emotionally attached to her and needed to marry her after that.

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