The great Gatsby Chapter 6

Who is James Gatz Jay Gatsby
What is Jame Gatz’ story His parents were shifty and unsuccessful he grew up on a farm For a year he was a clam digger and salmon fisher
What college did James go to A small Lutheran college, st Olaf
Who is Dan Cody He was a man who owned a yacht he became a millionaire from Nevada silverfields
Why is Dan Cody important in Gatsby’s story Cody came to the shore Gatsby was working at and started Gatsby off he was his first mate on Cody’s yacht
Who did Gatsby inherent the money from Dan Cody
Why doesn’t Gatsby drink that much Dan Cody
Who surprisingly shows up at Gatsby’s house one Sunday afternoon Tom Buchanan and Mr Sloane, and a lady
What happens during the visit at Gatsby’s Gatsby tells him he knows Daisy, Gatsby and Nick get invited to the lady’s party but the lady doesn’t want either of them to come
What doesn’t show that Gatsby was oblivious to not actually being wanted That he really doesn’t know anyone, and the Tom doesn’t want him in Daisy’s life
What is Daisies real response to the party according to Nick Except for the hour alone with Gatsby she was not having a good time
How does this affect Gatsby Gatsby was sad depressed even
What does Tom ask Nick about Gatsby’s job What is his job a bootlegger
What does Tom make the guess that Gatsby’s a bootlegger That is how a lot of the newly rich got their money
What does Gatsby tell Nick to tell Daisy to do He wants her to tell Tom she never loved him
How does Nick respond to telling Daisy Gatsby’s Question Don’t ask for to much of her you can’t repeat the past
What does Gatsby say about repeating the past Of course you can

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