The Great Gatsby: Chapter 6

Who visits Gatsby at the beginning of the chapter? What does he come to ask about? A reporter from New York- he had heard rumors about Gatsby and wanted to check them out
What changed James Gatz life? He met Dan Cody
What did James Gatz change his name to? How old was he when he did? Jay Gatsby, 17
How did he “start his career”? He warned Mr. Cody that anchoring in Lake Superior was not wise as his yacht would get torn up on the rocks
What was the Yacht’s name? Tuolomee
What work did he do along Lake Superior? Clam digging and salmon fishing
Where did James Gatz go to college? What job did he have while he went there? St. Olaf in southern Minnesota, janitor (but he only stayed 2 weeks)
What was Dan Cody like when he met Gatz? What was he doing in a yacht out Lake Superior? Cody was 50 yr. old, had made money off of every rush for metal since ’75. The newspaper woman that Cody was with, Ella Kaye, sent him out to to travel while she stayed home and used his money
What did Cody buy for Gatz in Duluth? a blue coat, six pairs of white duck trousers and a yachting cap
Where did they sail the yacht to once Gatsby had joined aboard? the West Indies and the Barbary Coast
What were some of the jobs that Gatsby had on Cody’s yacht? steward, mate, skipper, secretary and jailor
How long did they travel? Where did they go? What stopped their travels? Five years, three times around the continent, Ella Kaye come on board one night and a week later Dan Cody died
What happened to Gatsby’s money? He was to inherit 25,000, but Ella Kaye prevented it
Who dropped in for a drink at Gatsby house one afternoon? Tom, Mr. Sloane, and another woman, all riding on horseback
Who invites Gatsby and Nick for dinner? What prevents him from going? The unnamed woman; the trio on horseback leave before Gatsby can follow in his car
Who came with Daisy to Gatsby’s next party? Why? Tom; he didn’t like her running around and meeting strangers
What title does Gatsby give Tom that he doesn’t appreciate? “the polo player”
What does Tom conclude Gatsby is? A bootlegger
How did Gatsby make his fortune according to Daisy? He built up and owns a bunch of drugstores
What does Gatsby want Daisy to say to Tom? That she never loved him

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