The Great Gatsby – Chapter 6

Who came to Gatsby’s door one morning? a reporter from New York
Who is James Gatz? the real name of Gatsby
Who is Dan Cody? a millionaire who befriended Gatsby when he was 17 years old and took him in
How did Gatsby help Cody? stayed with him for 5 years on the boat and took care of him when he was drunk
Who was Ella Kaye? woman who used Cody for his money
What was the Tuolomee? the boat owned by Cody
What did Gatsby inherit from Cody? got nothing, although supposed to get $25,000
What did Ella Kaye inherit from Cody? got millions – everything
How does Tom feel about finding out that Gatsby knows his wife, Daisy? old-fashioned, thinks it’s strange that she would know him; angry; women running around is crazy
Why does Tom accompany Daisy to the party? to keep an eye on her
How was the party that night? oppressive with Tom there; Daisy didn’t enjoy it or the obnoxious people; Gatsby was disappointed that she was not impressed
How did Gatsby introduce Tom? as a polo player
What does Tom tell Daisy that Gatsby is? a bootlegger; booze smuggler
What does Gatsby want from Daisy? to tell Tom she never loved him; to run off with Gatsby and marry
What does Gatsby think he can do? repeat the past; fix everything just the way it was before; to recover what was lost

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