The Great Gatsby Chapter 5 Questions

What does Gatsby offer Nick in return for Nick’s cooperation in inviting Daisy to his house? Gatsby is offering Nick a job, from a side business he has. He offers him an opportunity to make more money; also he wants to cut Nick lawn. In other words, he wants to pay nick for inviting Daisy.
What is the meeting between Gatsby and Daisy like initially? At first the meeting between Gatsby and Daisy is really awkward and nerve-racking. Where Gatsby and Daisy are just staring at each other and Nick is watching them.
How are daisy and Gatsby different when Nick returns to the house after a half an hour? When nick returns Gatsby and Daisy are really over joy with happiness. Daisy has tears of delight in her eyes. Also, it is said that Gatsby is almost glowing with joy.
What are Gatsby’s feelings by the end of the chapter? By the end of the chapter, Gatsby is in love and full of hope, and joy to the fact that he is again with his love, daisy.
What does Gatsby reply when nick asks him how he makes his money? Why does nick find that significant? When nick asks Gatsby where does he get his money, Gatsby just automatically says that is none of your business, “that is my affair”. Nick is seeing that Gatsby is hiding something, that all that he told about himself is a lie and now cannot keep up with his lies. That he must be doing something wrong if he cannot tell the truth.
Why do you think Daisy sobs when Gatsby shows her his shirts? Daisy is crying when she looks at Gatsby shirts because she is overwhelmed by how rich Gatsby is now. Gatsby said that his shirts are imported from England, so they are expensive, and daisy knows this cries on how Gatsby finally has money so they could be together.
What is the weather like in this chapter? How does it reflect the emotional climate of Gatsby and Daisy? In this chapter there is a rough weather where there is a lot of rain, heavy rain, afterward, there is sunlight. This shows how daisy and Gatsby must have felt when seeing each other after such a long time. How they both must have felt that pain again when they lost each other, and how after all that pain there is sunlight at the end, they are both reunited once more.
In this chapter, Gatsby’s dream seems to be fulfilled. What indications are there that reality cannot satisfy his dream? When Gatsby is finally with daisy he thinks that all his dreams have come true, but there is the reality that daisy is still married and that she will not just leave tom for him. Even with all his money is not enough for daisy to be with him out in the open.
Why does Gatsby deliver so may goods and services to Nick’s house? Gatsby wants to show his gratitude to nick by doing him favors and fixing up his home. But also mostly Gatsby just wants to impress daisy on how he is rich now that it was him that did all these things, cut the grass, the tea set, for her and that he can afford to spoil her now.
Describe the effect of rain on the plot. The rain was a way to emphasize on the emotions happening between Gatsby and daisy. Also the rain shows how their force to remain inside, so there is no way of avoiding each other, daisy and Gatsby might have felt awkward but could not run away from that. There is also the fact that because of the rain Gatsby and daisy could not go to her house, which could have cause early trouble for Gatsby in destroying his dreams and hopes.
Why does Gatsby offer Nick work? How does Nick feel about this? Gatsby is nervous because he wants Nick to agree to his plan of inviting Daisy over for tea. Nick tells Gatsby that he will help him with the plan. Overjoyed, Gatsby offers him the chance to make some money by joining him in some business he does on the side—business that does not involve Meyer Wolfshiem. Nick is slightly offended that Gatsby wants to pay him for arranging the meeting with Daisy and refuses Gatsby’s offers, but he still agrees to call Daisy and invite her to his house.
Explain the significance of the green light To Gatsby, the green light represents his dream, which is Daisy. To attain her would be completing Gatsby’s American Dream.
Why does Gatsby get so many phone calls? What does this say about him? He is a very popular individual. the book never gives any sort of information as to whom or what he is talking about. It can only be assumed that Gatsby is speaking about illegal dealings that make him money. There is also never an explanation as to where all of his money really came from. Therefore it can only be assumed that he is making some sort of illegal business deal. I think that’s why Gatsby gets so many phone calls.

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