The Great Gatsby – Chapter 4

Why does Nick almost laugh when Gatsby is telling him about his personal history? He thinks Gatsby sounds like a bad novel and he sounds like he’s lying
What convinces Nick that Gatsby might be telling the truth about his background? Gatsby shows Nick a medal from Montenegro
What is Meyer Wolfsheim rumored to have done? Fixed the World Series
What does Daisy do on the night of her wedding? She gets drunk
What does Tom give Daisy before they are married? A string of pearls
Where did Gatsby and Daisy first meet? Louisville, Kentucky
Where did Gatsby claim he was born? San Francisco
What school did Gatsby attend? Oxford
What expression does Gatsby use when referring to a friend he is talking to? Old sport
What is notable about Mr. Wolfsheim’s cufflinks? They are made of human teeth
What does Jordan reveal happened in August just after Tom and Daisy were married? Tom was caught with another woman when he wrecked his car
Gatsby tells Nick who Mr. Wolfsheim is. He is: The man who fixed the 1919 World Series
Gatsby’s favored term of “endearment” is Old Sport
What is the favor that Gatsby wants from Nick? Invite Daisy to tea at his house
What does Gatsby use to get out of trouble with the police officer for speeding? A Christmas card from the commissioner
Why has Gatsby been giving all those parties? He hopes to see Daisy
True or False: Gatsby claims he received a medal of valor True
During what season do Gatsby’s lavish parties take place? Summer
Which of the following cities is NOT one in which Gatsby claims to have lived? Berlin
Aside from the improbability of his story, what other evidence is there that Gatsby is lying when he tells Nick about his background? They way Gatsby acts about it when it is brought up
How does Daisy behave after Gatsby goes oversees? What does her behavior show about her feelings for Gatsby? She’s upset and they were going to wait for each other, so its showed how much she still loved him.
After Jordan tells Nick the story of Gatsby and Daisy, Nick says that Gatsby “came alive to me, delivered suddenly from the womb of his purposeless splendor/” How does this metaphor of birth help explain what Gatsby’s behavior had meant to Nick up to then? That he was always a good man.
With Jordan in his arms, Nick thinks of a phrase: “There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired.” How do you think this phrase reflects on the events of the novel so far? Do you think that Gatsby would agree with the phrase? that the events were busy and the characters would grow tired and they would want to pursue what they wanted. Yes, I think Gatsby would agree with this phrase.

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