The Great Gatsby Chapter 3 Quiz

Who was the neighbors house who was being described at the beginning of the chapter? Gatsby’s
What car is considered an omnibus?(Owned by Gatsby) Rolls-Royce
What days do Gatsby usually hold his parties? Sunday
After Gatsby’s party how many servants does he need to repair his house from the night before? eight
Every Friday how many crates of what arrived from a fruiterer in New York? Five crates of oranges and lemons
What day did the oranges and lemons that he used left his back door in a pyramid of pulpless halves? Monday
His machine in the kitchen could do what? Extract the juice of an orange
What time does the orchestra arrive? seven o’ clock
Who is the understudy from the Follies? Gilda Gray
Who invited Nick to one of Gatsby’s parties? Gatsby’s chauffeur
What is Gatsby’s first name? Jay (Gatsby)
What does Nick wear to the party? White flannels
What time did he arrive at Gatsby’s a little after seven
Who did Jordan talk to on the steps? The two girls in twin yellow dresses
We sat down at a table with the two girls in yellow and three men, each one introduced to us as___________. Mr. Mumble
What is one if the girls in yellows name? Lucille
What happened to Lucille the last time she was at Gatsby’s party? She tore her dress
What did Gatsby do when he found out what happened to Lucille the last party? He mailed her a gown
Where did the gown come from? Croirier’s
Why couldn’t Lucille wear the gown to the party? It was too big in the bust and had to be altered
What color was the gown? Gas blue with lavender beads.
How much was the gown? 265 dollars
What did one of the girls in the yellow dress say that Gatsby did? That he killed a man once
What did Lucille think he did? That he was a German spy during the War
Who was Jordan’s escort? A persistent undergraduate
What does the man in the library say about the books? That they are real
Why is the man in the library? Because he has been drunk for a week and he thinks that sitting in the library will sober him up
What is the book that he shows Jordan and Nick? Volume One of the “Stoddard Lectures”
Who brought the drunk man to the party? Mrs. Claud Roosevelt
What Division was Nick in during the war? Ninth Machine-Gun battalion(Third Division)
Which Division was Gatsby in during the war? Seventh Infantry(until June 1918)
What did Gatsby just buy? A hydroplane
What did Nick think about Gatsby’s smile? It was one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life.
Approximately how old is Nick? Around 31-32
Why did Gatsby have to excuse himself in the middle of a conversation with Nick? Because his butler informed him that someone in Chicago was calling him.
What kind of man did he tell Jordan he was? An Oxford man
What song is the orchestra going to play on the request of Mr. gatsby Jazz History of the World by Vladimir Tostoff
Why were all the women crying at the party? Because there husbands were flirting with other young women
Who is Jordan Bakers aunt? Mrs. Sigourney Howard
What time are Nick and Gatsby going to ride on the Hydroplane? nine o’ clock
Who is calling Gatsby for the second time? Philadelphia
Who crashed his car outside the party? The drunk man in the library
What happened to the wrecked car? One of the wheel’s came off
What does Nick think Jordan did? Cheated in her golf tournament
What is Nicks cardinal virtue? Nick is one of the few honest people that i have every known

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