The Great Gatsby chapter 3 and 4

What causes Nick to go to one of Gatsby’s parties for the first time? He received an invitation
What acquaintance does Nick spend most of the evening with? Jordan Baker
What story does a girl named Lucille tell about the last time she was there? Tore her dress on a chair, Gatsby sent her a new one the next week.
What are 2 of the rumors circulating about Gatsby’s? Killed a man, was a German spy
What is so amazing to the man in the owl eyed spectacles? The books in Gatsby’s library are real
Where does Gatsby invite Nick to go the next morning? To the shore to ride in his hydroplane
Whom does Gatsby speak to in private? Jordan Baker
What does Nick see as he leaves the party? A car wreck
What 2 faults of Jordan’s does Nick discover? She lies and cheats
Why does Nick hesitate to get involved with Jordan at first? He needs to break up with his girlfriend back home
Describe Gatsby’s car. Large Rolls Royce, cream color with bright nickel and green seats
Where does Gatsby say he went to college? Oxford
What memory does Mr. Wolfsheim have of the Old Metropole? Filled with friends, the night Rosy Rosenthal got shot
What are Wolfsheims cuff links made of? Human molars
What does Gatsby say Wolfsheim is famous for? Fixing the 1919 World Series
Whom do Gatsby and Nick see in the restaurant? Tom Buchanan
What story does Jordan tell about the night before Daisy married Tom? She got a letter from Gatsby, got drunk, and almost changed her mind
What does Jordan ask Nick to do as a favor to Gatsby? Invite Daisy to come to tea

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