the great gatsby chapter 3

what are some of the the rumors going around the party about Gatsby? Why does Fitzgerald do reveal rumors rather than fact? The rumors are that Gatsby killed a man and he was a spy for the germans in the war. he did this to make the party more interesting
what does fitzgerald’s verb choice suggest about gatsby’s guests in this sentence,” in his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths along the whisperings and the champagne and the stars” people cannot sit down and enjoy the party
describe the atmosphere at the end of the party? What does this say about the people attending the party? There is a car with a wheel that broke off and there were many cars surrounding it with headlights on. They are curious and concerned.
How does nick view jordan? he is attracted to her
what detail distinguishes nick from the other guests? he was the only one invited
who is owl eyes? why does he describe gatsby as a “regular Belasco”? he is a drunk guy that was in the library. regular belasco means that he’s not all show
cite diction that indicates the loudness of the party
what is ironic about gatsby and nick’s meeting? they were in the army together and gatsby doesn’t recognize nick
nick thinks that he’s one of the fewest honest people that he knows. do you think that he is honest? he thinks that everyone is fake. he could be honest. he hasn’t lied but he hasn’t told daisy about myrtle

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