The Great Gatsby chapter 3

What types of things went on at different times at Gatsby’s summer parties? In the afternoons… people dove into the water and sun bathed on the beach; on weekends… Gatsby’s Rolls-Royce (car) transported groups of people to and from his party and the city/ his yellow station wagon met trains from the city; on Mondays, eight servants repaired everything from the party the night before
5 crates of what fruits arrived at the Gatsby house every Friday and were left (eaten) at the back door the following Monday? Oranges and lemons
How often did caterers come to Gatsby’s? At least once a fortnight (two weeks)
What time did the HUGE orchestra arrive? By 7 o’clock in the evening
Why would many of Gatsby’s female guests not know the difference between the drinks at his bar? The drinks were old, “forgotten” brands, and the girls were too young
Who makes a scene at the party and dances by herself while the orchestra accompanies her? Gilda Gray’s understudy from the Follies
Were most people at Gatsby’s parties invited? No; many people came without invitation and often left without ever having met the host himself
What color was the uniform of the chauffeur who delivered Gatsby’s invitation to Nick? Robin’s-egg blue
What is Gatsby’s first name? Jay
What peculiar thing struck Nick about the people at the party? Young, hungry-looking Englishmen came to try to sell things to the rich Americans at these parties; they were aware of the “easy money” there and believed they themselves could become wealthy with a few persuasive words
On his way to getting “roaring drunk” Nick spotted someone familiar at the top of the steps of the mansion. Who did he see? Jordan Baker
Why did two girls in yellow dresses apologize to Jordan? She had lost the golf tournament
Nick, Jordan, and the girls in yellow sat down at a table with three men. Who (what name) were they each introduced as? Mr. Mumble
Who tore her dress on a chair at Gatsby’s and was sent a new one by the host? Lucille
What rumors were whispered about Gatsby? He killed a man; he was a German spy; he was in the American army during the war
Who was at the first supper table with Jordan and Nick? Three married couples and Jordan’s inappropriate escort
As Jordan observed, why was Nick uneasy? He hadn’t met Gatsby yet
Why was the man in the library so shocked and excited? The books were real!
Who brought the man in the library to the party? Mrs. Claud Roosevelt
Who performed a “baby act” at the party, and what other performances took place? The girls in yellow performed a baby act in costume; a tenor sang in Italian, a contralto sang jazz, and people did “stunts” all over the garden
How did Gatsby recognize Nick? They were in the war together, the Third Division. Nick was in the ninth machine-gun battalion; Gatsby was in the Seventh Infantry
What was Nick’s first impression upon formally meeting Gatsby? Gatsby had an understanding and polite nature; he was around 30 years old; he chose his words carefully
Who was calling Gatsby on the phone which caused him to leave Jordan and Nick? Chicago
Where did Gatsby tell Jordan that he went to school? Oxford
Why did Jordan like large parties? She said they’re intimate
Which Jazz piece did Gatsby request be played? Vladimir Tostoff’s Jazz History of the World
At around what time was Jordan asked to speak with Gatsby alone? 2 in the morning
What over-dramatic scene was happening inside at the piano? While one of the girls in yellow played the piano, a red haired chorus singer sang and sobbed as if everything was very sad… She eventually fell asleep in a chair after some one commented on the way the makeup tear stains on her cheeks looked like they could be notes to be sung
Why was there dissension in the Gatsby mansion? Women and their “husbands” fought
Where were Jordan and Gatsby talking? How long were they in there? In the library; about an hour
What is the name Jordan gave Nick to call her? Mrs. Sigourney Howard, her aunt
At what time were Gatsby and Nick to test out Gatsby’s new hydroplane in the morning? 9 o’clock
What city called Gatsby at the end of the party? Philadelphia
What caused a scene at the very end of the party as people were leaving? The man from the library (“Owl Eyes”) supposedly ran his car into a wall and lost a front tire… It was actually another man driving
Where did Nick work? The Probity Trust in New York
Why did Nick blow off his “short affair” with the girl from Jersey City who worked in accounting? Her brother started throwing Nick mean looks
What was the gloomiest part of Nick’s days? Eating dinner at the Yale Club
Where did Nick study investments and securities? The library
Why was the library a good place to work? Rioters didn’t come in
What did Nick notice about Jordan that he couldn’t blame her for completely but still felt sorry about? She was a very dishonest person
Why does Jordan say she likes Nick? He isn’t careless (unlike herself)
What virtue does Nick attribute to himself? He is honest

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