The Great Gatsby Chapter 2 Study Guide

A billboard with the eyes of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg (eye doctor) What was in the valley of ashes?
Poor people Who lived here? (general kind of people)
To New York Where are Tom and Nick going?
the valley of ashes/ Garage-Repairs. George B. Wilson. Cars Bougth and SoldFor Nick to meet Tom’s “girl” Where do they stop and why
Myrtle Wilson Who is Tom’s mistress?
She is a married womanmiddle thirtiesnot very physically attractive (according to Nick) but carried herself sensouslyvitality about her though Describe Myrtle and her life
That he wants to see her and for her to get on the next train and meet him by the new-stand on the lower level What does tom tell Myrtle?
that she goes to see her sister in New York What does Myrtle’s husband think she does when she leaves?
“He’s so dumb he doesn’t know he’s alive” What does Tom call Wilson?
A dog What does Tom buy Myrtle on their way to their apartment?
Catherine Who is Myrtle’s sister (her name)?
the McKees Who does Myrtle have come up to the apartment?
The top floor What floor was the apartment on?
Become drunk; it was his second time this night What was something out of place for Nick to do?
photographer What profession was Mr. McKee?
127 times How many times had Mr. McKee photographed his wife?
“I like your dress, I think it’s adorable.” What did Mrs. McKee say to Myrtle that was meant as a compliment but taken as an insult?
Kaiser Wilhem; nephew or cousin Who do they say Gatsby is related to and how?
Catherine Who told Nick the relationship of Myrtle and Tom and their spouses?
Daisy; because she is Catholic and the Catholics don’t believe in divorce What does Catherine say is the reason Myrtle and Tom are not married?
A gentleman What did Myrtle think her husband was when she married him?
Her husband rented a tux for their wedding What was so aweful to Myrtle that her husband did?
“You can’t live forever, you can’t live forever.” (page 40) What was Mrytle thinking as she was deciding whether to have an affair with Tom?
“Daisy” What did Mrs. Wilson start shouting?
He broke her nose with his open hand How did Tom respond to this taunt?

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