The Great Gatsby Chapter 2 Questions

How does Nick meet Tom’s mistress? Tom takes nick with him onto New York, to George Wilson’s garage to talk about his car. In the garage is George wife Myrtle, Tom’s mistress, which Tom introduces to Nick.
How does Myrtle react to Tom’s arrival? She seems to act like she is happy to see Tom and fell as if she is all that with a snobbish attitude.
Describe George Wilson .How does he react to Tom’s arrive? George Wilson is a working man who is trying to make a living but a less than confident person who seems to be not truly there. When Tom arrives he seems all shaken up and nervous, in disbelieve that he is there.
How does Myrtle behave as the party progresses? Myrtle attitude changes from a person with life and vitality to someone with arrogance, laughing around making everyone seem like they are nothing compare to her.
What, according to Catherine, has Tom not left Daisy to marry myrtle. The reason that Catherine believes that Tom has not divorce Daisy is because Daisy is a catholic and it will go against her religion to divorce.
Why did Tom break myrtle’s nose? How is this consistent with the author’s description of him in chapter 1? Judging by his treatment of myrtle and his wife Daisy, what seems to be Tom’s attitude toward women? Myrtle was getting drunk at the party shouting about her new puppy and then she mentions Daisy. Tom tells her not to say his wife’s name but instead, she is now chanting it and Tom full of range, breaks her nose. This shows that Tom’s body is a “cruel body”, and he had the appearance of “always leaning aggressively forward” this shows of his appearance of an aggressive person is true. Tom has the idea that clearly men are better than women and he has the right to make them do what he wishes, that they are there to serve him.
Describe the “valley of ashes”. What does it look like and what does it represent? The valley of ashes is a poor land where there is industrial dumping, and all dump of the city is where the air is dirty with pollution and dying land. The valleys of ashes represent the core of west and east egg where behind all this richness and glamor is a dirty place that is dying. That represents the ugly side of the beautiful land of east and west egg, for example, the people.
Describe mr.wilson and myrtle. Do they seem to fit into the setting? Mr.wilson a very unconfident man who has no life in him, opposite to him is myrtle who if full of life and does not want to waste it, she is filled with arrogance.Mr.wilson does not seem to belong there while myrtle does she is a sneaking person who wants only the best as in money or social status in the big city where everyone is moving around with life and goals. Mr. Wilson seems like an honest hard working man who is trying to make a living for himself.
What more have you learned about Nick in this chapter? Is he similar or different than the people he spends his time with? In this chapter, is seems that nick is not into drinking and cares what people think of him in the way that he wants to fit in with others. Nick is not like all the people who he is around with, they all seem, selfish people who want nothing more than power and will do whatever to get it and have no respect for others even their own husband/wife. While nick seems to be interested in making money he seems to show respect and decency towards other people.

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