Describe the valley of ashes. What does it symbolize? -city between manhattan and long island-it symbolizes poverty
Does Tom try to keep his affair with Myrtle a secret? Explain. no, only when he’s on the train with east eggers. he wants to have the reputation of being a manly man.
Nick goes with Tom to visit Myrtle. Describe Myrtle and her husband, and what happens during the course of the evening. They meet Myrtle on the train. She’s never cheated in 1 years in Josh and she locks eyes with Josh. She is kept in poverty. She keeps bringing up Daisy.
Explain the significance of the puppy episode. because she can, Myrtle gets whatever she wants on weekends. She abandoned it after Tom leaves
What gossip about Gatsby does Nick learn at the party. related to the german royalty.
What shows Myrtle’s lack of sophistication? she mixes up appendix and appenditention and she talks about teeth.
Gatsby’s parties are juxtaposed to Tom’s by Fitzgerald. How do they compare? Gatsby’s parties are big and grand, Tom’s are is small reserved and intimate
What does Nick mean when he says he is one of the few who were invited? A lot of people come to the parties by the word of mouth, however, Nick is invited.
What are some rumors about Gatsby at this party? He killed a man, he is a German spy, and he is an American war vet , and an Oxford man.
What is Nick’s comment about the gossip? What did he mean? +++++++ Surprised people who are not easily surprised.
Who is “owl eyes” and what surprises him? Explain what he meant by Gatsby not cutting pages. Owl eyes is the drunk guy in the library, but he is surprised because the books aren’t glued together. However, the books still have the wax on them.
What does Nick find most striking about Gatsby. He isn’t the typical fat old guy.
What about Gatsby is suspicious to Nick? Gatsby is a young handsome guy who doesn’t even attend the grand parties he hosts.
What is ironic about Jordan’s comment about large parties? large parties are more intimate, small parties are not private.
What term of familiarity does Gatsby use when addressing Nicl? What might it mean? old sport, play along with it.
What does nick discover about Jordan later that summer dishonest. she cheats in a gold tournament.
valley of ashes low life . parallels the railroad
doctor tj hecklberk eye doctor and looks like his billboard is looking down onto the valley of ashes
george wilson pumps gas and repairs cars
catherine mertal’s sister. prostitute.
what affect does dress have on mertal changing acts more hotty and effective and rich
catherine’s explination on tom’s affair can’t stand who they’re married to but they are cathlic
what kind of car does gatsby drive rolles cataltac
guests. drunk sloppy
gatsby’s interaction does not drink, does not talk to the guests.
what happens after the party someone crashes and don’t know about it
what story does nick recall about jordan cheated, dishonest
nick says he is honest.
what does nick think of when he sees gatsby waving. waving goodbye reminds him of when hes at the greenlight

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