The Great Gatsby Chapter 2

Describe the valley of the ashes. Impoverished, dusty, smoky, gray, poor, covered in soot, lonely, working class, a go-between and dumping ground, with dirty people and a fetid river.
What do the eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg’s defunct practice represent? “God” looking over the forgotten class.
What three shops occupy the ashen strip mall? An empty space for rent, a restaurant, and a garage.
Describe Myrtle Wilson. voluptuous, full of life and energy, flashy, vital.
Why is George Wilson covered in ash? He is inseparable from the place. He is one with the ash.
What does Tom buy for Myrtle? A dog and a leash.
What do we learn about Tom’s character from this jaunt into the city? He is a brute.
Why does Myrtle tell us she married George? She thought he was a gentleman.
Why is Tom involved with Myrtle? He likes her bold vitality and her embracing of life.
Why is the evening in Tom’s New York apartment hazy and dim? Contrast this with the evening setting at Tom and Daisy’s mansion. Everyone is getting drunk. Everyone at the Buchanans’ home that afternoon was sharp and crisp and sunny; “a levity was inthe air.”
How is the theme of sight and blindness shown in this chapter? The haziness of the evening mirrors Nick’s haziness as he descends into confused drunkenness. He is losing his sense of self.
What happens to the concept of time? Time is completely obliterated.
Transcendent surpassing all others of the same kind; pre-eminent; above and independent of the material universe
Oculist an optometrist or an ophthalmologist
Proprietary appropriate to an owner; indicating ownership

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