The Great Gatsby Chapter 2

What is the valley of ashes? Place where New York’s ashes get dumped; men work to shovel these ashes up
Who’s eyes watch over everything in the valley of ashes? Dr. T. J. Eckleburg
Describe George Wilson. -Lives in a garage-Buys and sells cars-Blonde, spiritless, anæmic-Faintly handsome-Light blue eyes
Describe Myrtle. -Wife of Wilson-Tom’s other lover-Thickish figure-Middle thirties-Faintly stout-Face has no facet or gleam of beauty
Where do Tom, Myrtle, and Nick go in New York? They go to the apartment where Tom and Myrte have affairs.
What kind of puppy does Myrtle buy? an Airedale
Was this the first time Nick had ever been drunk? No, the second
Describe Catherine. -Slender, worldly girl of about thirty-Red hair-Eyebrows plucked and drawn on again-Blurred air to her face-Wore so many bracelets-Lived with a girl friend at a hotel
Who does Myrtle invite to the party? Her sister Catherine and the McKees
Describe Mr. McKee. -Pale, feminine man from the flat below-White spot of lather on his cheekbone-Most respectful in his greeting-In the artistic game-Photographer; made the dim enlargement of Myrtle’s mother
Describe Mrs. McKee. -Shrill, languid, hansome, horrible-Mr. McKee photographed her 127 times since they married
What does Catherine say about Gatsby? Gatsby is the nephew of Kaiser Wilhelm.
What does Catherine wish the McKees and the Wilsons would do? Since neither of them like the person they’re married to, Catherine wishes they would just divorce.
Why does Catherine think Tom hasn’t divorced with Daisy? She said Daisy is Catholic and Catholics don’t believe in divorce.
Is Daisy really Catholic? no
What does Catherine say Daisy and Tom will do when they get married? They will move West.
What did Daisy think of Monte Carlo? She hated that town. She had an awful time getting back.
Who was Mrs. McKee originally going to marry? Mr. Wilson
What did Myrtle think of Mr. Wilson? She wasn’t the man she expected.
How did Myrtle meet Tom? On a train
How did Tom react when Myrtle mentioned Daisy? He broke her nose with his open hand.
What does the Valley of Ashes likely evoke? images of death and darkness

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