The Great Gatsby – Chapter 1 summary review

Who is the narrator in the Great Gatsby and what makes him a good choice Nick Calloway – because he is non-judgmental he is a good choice to narrarate the story objectively
What is Nicks personality curious and non-judgmental
What advice does Nick pass along to the reader from his father “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had”
What do people do with Nick because he is seen as non-judgmental people tell him their life stories. He has been privy to the confessions of all types of men because of his toleranc
What do we learn about Nick’s background Nick is a Carraway. He has wealth and class. He is from a prominent, well-to-do family in Chicago who made their fortune in the wholesale hardware business.
Where did Nick go to college New Haven (Yale)
What did Nick do after college He fought in World War I
What did Nick decide to do after returning from the War He decided to move to New York (West Egg- on Long Island) and become a bond man. (trading stocks and bonds- stockbroker)
Where did Nick move in New York West Egg (Long Island – New York).
What is the setting in Chapter 1 New York City and the twin villages of West Egg and East Egg – Long Island
What is the difference between West Egg and East Egg Long Island East Egg- is where the “old money” people live. West Egg is where the “new money” people live. The rivalry between the classes is literally shown symbolically as the towns literally oppose each other.
Who does Nick live next to in West Egg Mr. Jay Gatsby- Gatsby has a large mansion
What type of home does Nick find in West Egg Nick finds a small house to rent next to a very large mansion
Who is Daisy Buchanan Nick’s second cousin once removed. Her and Tom have a two year old daughter.
Who is Tom Buchanan Daisy’s husband and Nick’s acquaintance from college New Haven (Yale)
What sport did Tom play in college football- he was once a great football star
Which words best describe Tom Buchanan brutish and insensitive, arrogant, bigoted (he is a racist)
Which words best describe Daisy Buchanan Flighty and a bit anxious- she tries to put up a cheerful front but is clearly sad
Which words best describe Jordan Baker sophisticated and bored
Which words best describe Jay Gatsby hopeful and striving
Where do the main characters live along Pugent Sound in downtown New York City on Easter Egg Island along the Long Island Sound
Why did Nick decide move to New York to become a bondsman out of a sense of boredom and arelated longing for adventure
From what perspective is the story told first person
What does Nick’s family joke about that they are descendatns of the “Dukes of Buccleuch”
How does Nick view himself as a well-rounded man – he likes literature and is well read, fought in World War I , connected to wealthy and important people (Daisy and Tom) but isn’t one of them
What do we learn about Tom in Chapter 1 he is having an affair and there are signs he abuses Daisy (physical and emotional)
What do Daisy’s comments inform the reader how she is affected by Tom’s actions that she is hurt.
What comment does Daisy make that gives the reader a clue that Tom is abusive black and blue marks bruise… and ….Tom was god knows where during birth
What does Daisy admit when her daughter was born that she cried and hoped that her daughter would grow up to be a beautiful little fool (too dumb to know any better)
How does Daisy react to the mention of the name Gatsby She becomes alert. She appears to know him, though the reader does not know how at this poit.
In Chapter 1- how do you think Daisy feels about being in her marriage with an abusive and cheating husband She seems to understand her predicament as a confined and powerless woman of high society
Who is Jordan Baker Jordan is Daisy’s friend She is a athlete – (golfer)
What do we learn about Jordan and her views on Tom’s affair She is not disturbed or surprised by Tom’s affair. She appears amused by the drama betwen her friends and it excites her.
What role does it appear Jordan will play for Nick inthe story she will be a conduit (source) of information for Nick
What sense do we get about how Nick views Gatsby that Gatsby is an interesting person and full of Romantic hope (Romanticism)
At the end of Chapter 1, where does Nick see Gatsby Gatsby standing on the dock, looking at the starts with the sort of gaze of the figure in the famous Romantic paining, Wander Above the Sea of Fog, by Casper David Freidrich (1818)
What does Tom refer to that gives us the impression he is a racist (bigot)
What color are Daisy and Jordan dressed in when we first meet them white
What do we learn about Tom and Daisy through Nick xxwealth
How does the reader learn that Tom is having an affair The butler informs Tom that he has a phone call. Daisy excuses herself from dinner and goes inside to fight with Tom. Jordan informs Nick that Tom is having an affair
How does Jordan feel about the woman calling Tom at home that the woman is tactless and calls his house all the time is a problem
What does Daisy joke about Jordan and Nick getting together
What does Nick catch Gatsby doing at the end of Chapter 1 staring across the water at a lone green light- before stretching his arm out towards it symbollically
What does is show that “old money” Nick rents a house in “new money” West egg that Nick spans both worlds
What class does Tom and Daisy represent Old Money
What class does Gatsby represent new money

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