The Great Gatsby Chapter 1 Study Guide McCabe

What was Nick’s father’s advice to him? If he ever felt like criticizing anyone to remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages he had
Describe Nick’s family. prominent, well-to-do people in middle western city for three generations. Old money
What school did Nick graduate from? What year? Yale in New Haven, 1915
What did he later participate in after graduating? The Great War 1916-1918
What business did Nick decide to do the summer of 1922? Go into the bond business
Where is Nick from? middle-west
For how long would his father finance Nick? for one year
Describe the house Nick is living in. a weather beaten cardboard bungalow$80 a month
Name some things Nick had in this house. A dog, til it ran away, an old Dodge, a Finnish woman (servant)
In what area near New York City is Nick living in? West Egg
Which “egg” is more “fashionable” according to Nick? East Egg
Who is Nick’s mysterious next-door neighbor? Gatsby lives in a mansion next door.
Who is Daisy’s husband? How old? Tom Buchanan, age 30
What did Tom do in college? He played football
Name one of Tom’s qualities Arrogant, rich, tough, unsympathetic, etc.
What does Tom have that shows he’s successful? Tom has horses, a big house on the water, a large garden, a butler
How old is Daisy’s child? 3 years old
Daisy shows her black and blue hand. How did she get it, and how does she attack back? her finger; Tom “that’s what I get for marrying a brute of a man, a great big hulking physical speciman of a-” (page 16)
What book was Tom reading that reveals him as prejudiced? The Rise of the Coloured Empires by Goddard
What does Nick remind Daisy of? (an unexpected term) An absolute rose
Who is the “fifth visitor” who arrives at dinner? Tom gets a phone call from his mistress
What does Daisy say she wants her child to be? a beautiful little fool
Tom and Daisy want Nick to get together with someone. Name that person. Jordan Baker, the golfer
What does Tom think about Jordan and her family? That her family shouldn’t let Jordan run around the country (page 23)
Where is Jordan from? Who else is from there? Louisville. Daisy is also from Louisville.
At the end of the chapter, what did Gatsby do that showed yearning Stretched out his arms across the bay
How does Tom know Nick the narrator? They went to Yale together.

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