The Great Gatsby chapter 1 study guide

What quality does Nick possess that he believes makes him different? He reserves judgement
Describe the peculiar land formations resulting in East and West Egg? What is the significants of these two halves? East and West Egg are two separate land formations separated by water of long island. West Egg signifies new money verses East Egg signifies old money. Eggs are fragile this signifies the time period they live in.
Do you trust Nick and his interpretation of events? Yes. Bc nick comes from some money and his parents own more of a blue collar business and had to work for there money and carrie no bias this gives him credibility. He additionally knows peoples secrets yet he keeps them to himself.
Why does daisy compare Nick to a rose, and what is the significants of this statement? Daisy comparison between Nick and a rose is a trite, uninformed, superficial, and insincere statement. This shows insight into Daisy’s character, she is insincere and portrays herself as perfect to society. Her name being Daisy may have tried to compare herself to him superficially.
What does Nick learn from his first encounter with these people? He learns the East Eggers are gossip oriented, prejudice/judgmental, careless, selfish, wasteful, and empty.
Why does Daisy say she wishes her daughter to be a beautiful “fool”? Daisy sees being beautiful/rich as being more important than having intelligence and being independence. For Daisy being knowledgable to the fact that her husband is having an affair is harder to live with than to be ignorant to the fact. Therefore she would rather her daughter be naive and beautiful so that she might not feel the same pain. She wants her daughter to be a trophy wife rather than to be strong and possibly a threat to weathly men.
Nick feels uncivilized. Why? Nick is from the midwest and in general feels he is different from those who live in East and West Egg. He sees that the conversations taking place are superficial and insincere. Nick observes that these people love themselves more than anything else. He feels that they may be condescending towards him and from where he came form.
Describe Nick’s first glimpse of Gatsby Nick sees Gatsby standing on his lawn in a suit. He seems to be staring across the water at a green light across the water between East and West Egg.
What could the green light symbolize? Hope, go get it, wealth money, jealousy envious(green-eyed monster)
East Egg Old money lives there, families that have always had wealth are more spoiled yet more elegant bc they are more used to the lifestyle. (Daisy, Tom, and Jordan)
West Egg New money lives there, young entrepreneurs and overnight millionaires. For the most part they had to work hard for there money, now they have it they try to show it off. West Eggers are less fashionable, more gaudy and showy with their money. *The American Dream
Tom Buchanan Tom is a liar he is controlling and manipulative very aggressive, arrogant, RACIST, brute of a man, abusive, loud, obnoxious and rude. He is married to Daisy yet he is cheating on her. (myrtle wilson)
Daisy Buchanan Daisy is easily manipulated she agrees with everything Tom says, she has no mind of her own. nicks 2nd cousin once removed she had a sad face , bright eyes, bright and passionate mouth lovely and bright/excitement in her voice, petite figure. she is insincere and gossipy, tries to portray the “perfect socialite”
Nick Caraway *narrator and ‘writer’ of the book comes from the midwest went to yale Parents own a hardware shop a blue color prominent family.

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