The Great Gatsby Chapter 1 Review

Who is the author of The Great Gatsby? F. Scott Fitzgerald
In what year was the book written? The book was written in 1925.
Who is the narrator of The Great Gatsby? The narrator is Nick Carraway.
How are Tom and Daisy related to Nick? Nick is Daisy’s cousin once removed. Tom is Daisy’s husband.
Why does Nick move back East? He moves East to learn the bond business.
Who lives in the West Egg? Nick and Gatsby live in the West Egg.
Who lives in the East Egg? Tom and Daisy live in the East Egg.
Who is Nick’s famous neighbor? Gatsby
What is Gatsby doing at the end of Chapter 1? He is standing at the end of his dock, arms open trembling and seems to be staring at a green light.
How does the narrator describe Gatsby? He says he is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary gift for hope.
Describe the narrators house. His house is very middle class and average. Lives in west egg where the new money is.
Describe the Buchanan’s house. They have a colonial Georgian mansion its very formal,the east egg is where the old money is.
Describe Tom. What is your impression of him in chapter one? Tom is an arrogant, sexist, racist old money snob.
What kind of person is daisy? Daisy is superficial socialite but smarter than she acts.
What did miss baker tell nick about tom? That tom had a mistress in New York.
When asked about her daughter,what does Daisy say? She says shes hopes she’s a beautiful little fool, meaning she hopes she stays innocent.

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