The Great Gatsby: Chapter 1 Questions

Who is the narrator of the novel? Nick Carraway
What part of Long Island do Nick and Gatsby live in? West Egg
Who is disdainful and contemptuous person? Tom Buchanan
How do we find out that Tom is cheating on Daisy? Jordan Baker tells Nick that Tom has a woman in New York when Tom and Daisy are away from the table.
At the end of chapter 1, what does Nick see when he glances “seaward”? “a single green light, minute and far away, that might have been at the end of a dock.”
Where is Nick from originally? The mid-West
Who is Nick’s neighbor? James Gatsby
Who is Nick’s cousin? Daisy
Who is married to Daisy? Tom Buchanan
According to Nick, this character has a “great gift for hope”. James Gatsby
What is described as an eyesore but, it has a view of the water and sits between other mansions? Nick’s house
Who is athletic and arrogant? Tom Buchanan
Does Daisy know that her husband is having an affair?Use the text to support your answer. Write your own answer.
What kind of mother does Daisy seem to be in Chapter 1? Use the text to support your answer. Write your own answer
Who tells Nick that Tom is cheating on Daisy? Ms. Baker
What event made Nick reckless and ready to leave his home town? World War I
Where does Gatsby live? West Egg
Where do the Buchanan’s live? East Egg
What did Daisy mean when she described her childhood as “white”? Use the text to support your answers. Write your own answer.

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