The Great Gatsby: Chapter 1 Discussion

Discuss Nick’s tone in Chapter 1. He is normal person and respects everyone and seems interested in Gatsby.
Describe Nick’s relationship with his father. What words or passage lead you to believe this? His relationship is kind of distant but follows his fathers wishes.
Where was Nick (geographic location) in Chapter 1? Midwest
At the break on page 2, what’s Nick’s attitude about Gatsby? Thinks Gatsby is kind of mysterious and very wealthy but he’s alright.
Why does Nick go back and fill us in about his family on page 3 instead of continuing with his focus on Gatsby? He doesn’t know a lot about Gatsby.
Nick finally introduces himself on page 3. Why? The reader will get information on his background and what hes about.
In Nick’s biography, he mentions some dates and years. Describe. Spring 1922 is when he moved to the East and he was financed for a year by his father.
How did Nick end up at West Egg? What time of year? He got there in the summer and after the war. He formerly lived in Chicago.
Discuss the allusion on page 4. ???
What did Nick do in college? How might that have led to writing this book? He was a literary in college. One year he wrote a series of editions for Yale News.
“Life is much more successfully looked at from a single window” IF you only keep your eyes on one goal and one way of getting there then you more likely to achieve it. Another way to view this is life from a perspective.
Discuss a element of contrast. East and West Egg
What is the Hotel de Ville in Normandy, France? What comparison is made with this structure? A hotel in France compared to West Egg. It is being compared to Gatsby Mansion.
How did Nick know Tom and Daisy? Was he close to them? He knew Tom in college and Daisy was his distant second cousin.
Find examples characterizing Tom. What’s your impression of Tom? Ignorant and rude, Left the dinner table with guest to answer a call.
Explain an example of color imagery. What color is being emphasized? Why? “Their house was even more elaborate than I expected, a cheerful red-and-white Georgian Colonial Mansion.” The color being emphasized is the red and white on the house.
Find examples characterizing Daisy. How does her dialogue make us, as the reader, form a different impression of her? “How gorgeous! Let’s go back, Tom. To-morrow!” Daisy is spoiled and gets what she wants because she wants to go back to see Chicago tomorrow when they live in New York.
Find examples characterizing Jordan Baker. How does she compare or contrast to Daisy? She’s use to the money and she knows what happens when people get too much money and it goes to your head. She is like Daisy because she thinks it rude how Tom left the table.
What day is the longest day of the year? When does this scene take place? Two weeks from the party and this takes place at the Dinner table after Tom and Daisy fight.
How do Daisy and Tom treat each other? Explain. Tom treats her with disrespect and Daisy still respects him.
What interrupts the dinner party? How does each guest react? A phone call from a girl in New York, and the guest think its rude/inconvient.
Locate an example of figurative language. Discuss “A breeze blew through the room, blew curtains in at one end and out the other like pale flags,”
How does Daisy change once evening falls? She becomes more quiet and later says she isn’t happy. She’s more happy when she talks to Nick by the car.
What is The Saturday Evening Post? Newspaper
Why does Tom disapprove of Jordan? He knows that she knows he is up to no good.
Describe how Nick handles the question of being engaged. He doesn’t have enough money to attract a girl around and was no where close to being engaged.
Discuss the various rumors mentioned in Chapter 1. Predict what will happen as the story develops. How might this play into the story’s theme? There were rumors such as the girl in New York and do things behind her back. Another thing is Nick being engaged.
Nick spends almost an entire page (20) describing the evening. Why does he do this? What does it mean? He sees another figure who he thinks is Gatsby and goes into further detail.
Why mention Gatsby so briefly at the end of Chapter 1? To leave him in unknown and the reader wanting to know more.
Locate and discuss an example of figurative language. “Two young women were buyoued up as a though upon an anchored balloon.”
Locate and discuss some memorable statements from the chapter. When Jordan talked about Tom having a girl in New York, or when Daisy and Tom asked about him being in Engaged.
Why is Nick telling you this story? To give you the point of view from his perspective.
Discuss Nick’s reliability as a narrator. Is he trustworthy? Why or why not? I think he is reliable and trustworthy because he is always honest and doesn’t seem ignorant nor rude. He is a well-rounded person.

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