The Great Gatsby- Chapter 1 and 2 Study Guide – English 10

Nick Caraway Who is the narrator of book?
He describes him as an extraordinary gift from hope How does the Narrator describe Gatsby?
Nick came from the middle-western city. He wants to sell bonds in New Yok From where did the Narrator come and why?
His house like a cardboard bungalow and he lives in the west egg Describe the narrators house..
They live in a mansion and they live in the East egg Describe the Bacanan’s house…
East egg old money
West egg new money
Daisy is his 2nd cousin Tom went to college with him How does Nick know Daisy and Tom?
He is very arrogant, a racist, self-centered, and a cheaterHe is very muscular Describe Tom..
She is joyful, fun-loving, and very insecure Describe Daisy…
She is a a gossiper, a golfer, and skeptical Describe Jordan..
She is their guest and she is staying there for a golf tournament Why is Jordan at the Buchanan’s house?
She told Nick that Tom got some women in New York What did Miss Baker tell Nick about Tom?
She wants her to be a fool because she doesn’t want her daughter to know about the affair. What does Daisy say about her daughter?
He was on his dock and he was trembling and looking at a green light How is Gatsby Introduced at the end of chapter 1?
Valley of ashes an industrial zone
They are big yellow eyes that are on an old advertising billboard What are the “eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg”?
His mistress or (girlfriend) Who did Tom take to meet?
Tom’s girlfriend Who is Myrtle Wilson?
Myrtle’s husband and he owns a car shop Who is George Wilson?
A dog and many other things What did Mrs.Wilson buy while she was out?
A apartment building they wanted to see What was at 158th street?
Myrtle’s sister. She had red hair and she is in her 30’s also she had her eybrows plucked Who is Caroline? Describe her
They are married Mr. Mckee- a photographer and feminin Mrs. Mckee- Changes personalities and a shirll person Who is Mr and Mrs. Mckee? Describe them
His nephew or cousin of the Kaiser Wilhelm made him rich What does Catherine tell Nick about Gatsby?
She thought he was a gentlemen and knew something about breeding What reason did Myrtle give for marrying George?
He broke her nose What did Tom do when Myrtle mentioned Daisy’s name?

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