The Great Gatsby Chapter 1-3

What was the advice given to nick by his father? How do you suppose this makes him a good person to tell this story? He told him that others did not have the advantages that Nick had. It shows Nick not to judge people.
What is Nick’s social class/background? How did his family make its money? Nick is middle/upper class and his family owns hardware stores.
When nick returns from the war, why does he decide to go East? Nick did not know where his life was going and was looking for work on Wall Street.
How is West Egg different from East Egg? West egg represents new money. East egg represents old money and higher class.
Before meeting him, what does nick tell us about Tom Buchanan? They went to school together and Tom was a football star.
If you were going to pick one color to connect with Daisy Buchanan, what color would it be? White. white Daisy flowers and white is purity and is easily over powered
We find out Tom has some woman in new york. What unflattering feature of Jordan Baker’s personality is revealed in this scene She is Careless about how others feel
What is the name of the book Tom wants to discuss at dinner? What does this show us about Tom? The book is called “Rise of the Colored” and Tom is racist.
What is the reader left to think about Daisy’s emotional state? Her emotions are mixed up. She is upset about Tom’s affair and she is happy towards others.
Who is Jordan Baker and what has Nick heard about her? She is a professional golf player and is known for moving the ball and lying.
At the end of this chapter Nick sees Gatsby and wants to introduce himself but doesn’t. What stops nick? He can tell that Gatsby is in need of something.
The green light that Gatsby is staring at will become an important symbol in the book. What symbolic associations do you connect with the green color? The color green is money.
What is the valley of ashes and what does it represent symbolically? It is a dark grey industrial area separating West Egg and East Egg. It represents the rotting of society.
Compare and Contrast Tom and George. Tom is rich and built. George is poor and dirty.
Compare and contrast Daisy and Myrtle. Daisy thin and frail. Myrtle is full bodied and attractive.
How do we know that Myrtle is not an intellectual? She acts and talks like someone of the working class.
What do Dr. Eckleburg’s eyes represent? They are like god watching over everyone and their sins.
Why is the puppy mentioned in this chapter? It shows that Tom doesn’t think, he just acts.
Do you think Tom will ever leave Daisy for Myrtle? No, because Daisy is a trophy wife and Myrtle is just someone to have an affair with.
What can you conclude about Nick’s opinion of Gatsby’s guests at his parties. He thinks they are not classy and doesn’t like being surrounded by drunk people.
Why does Jordan want to leave the group from East Egg? Why does Nick? Jordan is bored of them and Nick wants to meet Gatsby.
Who is Owl eyes and why is he surprised about Gatsby’s library? He is a drunk man that sits in Gatsby’s library. The books are real and he thought everything was fake and just for show.
What common bond do Gatsby and Nick share? They fought in the war together.
What is Fitzgerald trying to convey about Gatsby from Nick and Gatsby’s conversation? Gatsby is always trying to impress people and is not as much as people make him out to be.
Why don’t people believe that Gatsby attended Oxford College? He always speeds through talking about that part.
How does Gatsby act different at his parties than the guests? Gatsby does not drink.
What is Fitzgerald showing us by all the drunk people and a crashed car at the end of the party? People don’t act smart when they are drunk.
What is ironic about Jordan hating careless people? She is careless.

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