The Great Gatsby chapter 1 – 3

How does the narrator describe Gatsby? Everything the narrator hates but he somehow likes Gatsby above everything else. Feels Gatsby had a promise in life. Hopeful. A romantic. He turns out OK but there is something that preys upon him
From where did the narrator come from and why? He came from the mid-West. He came to New York to learn the bond business
Describe the narrator’s house It’s a weather beaten cardboard bungalow
Describe the Buchanan’s House The house is seen as gold, the color of money
How does Nick know Daisy and Tom? He is Daisy’s cousin and went to school with Tom
What is our impression of Tom Buchanan in Chapter 1? He is a jerk
What kind of person is Daisy? Sad and lovely
What did Miss Baker tell Nick about Tom? That he has a woman in New York
When asked about her daughter, what does daisy say? She hopes her daughter grows up to be a lovely fool
How is Gatsby introduced into the novel? He is standing there daydreaming and looking out at a green light
What is the “valley of ashes”? It is dirty and run down. The ashes could symbolize previous hopes.
What are the “eyes of DR. T.J. Eckleburg”? It is an ad for the Doctor and it symbolizes someone watching (God)
Who did Tom take Nick to meet? His mistrees
Identify Myrtle Wilson Myrtle is heavy-set and in her middle thirties. She is not beautiful but has an air of excitement and life.
Identify George Wilson George is a mechanic but also buys and sells cars and is unaware of the affair.
Identify Myrtle and George’s relationship They are married but Myrtle does not love George.
What did Mrs. Wilson buy while she was out with Tom and Nick? a puppy
Where did Tom, Nick, and Myrtle go? The apartment Tom and Myrtle have rented on 158th street
Identify Catherine Catherine is Myrtle’s sister and is describe as slender, red hair, about thirty, milky white complection and has plucked eyebrows that have been redrawn giving her a disreputable appearance
Identify Mr. McKee Mr McKee is pale and feminine and is a photographer who takes pictures of his wife.
Identify Mrs. McKee beautiful and horrible.
What does Catherine tell Nick about Gatsby? Related to Kaiser Wilhelm’s and got his money from him and that he has fun parties
What reason did Myrtle give for marrying George Wilson? She thought he was a gentlemen and then found out he was not wealthy
What did Tom do to Myrtle when she mentioned Daisy’s name? He punched her and she started to bleed
Describe Gatsby’s wealth. List some of the things that represent wealth. Has his own private beach, the size of the parties he has, all the champagne he has at the parties, the marble swimming pool, his garden, the fact he has the workers, has a hydroplane, bought a dress for a stranger, has orchestras play at his parties, has a huge book collection, buys a lot of fruits, and he has a special juicer.
What kind of people come to Gatsby’s parties? Normal people, some who are invited some who aren’t. People who just wonder around. A lot of celebrities attend. People who want to show off their wealth.
Why did Nick Carraway go to the party? He was invited
How does Nick meet Gatsby? He sits down at a table with him on accident.
What are some of the stories about Gatsby? He killed a man or was a former spy or maybe he went to Oxford.
Is Gatsby a “phony”? Your opinion
Describe Nick’s relationship with Jordan. They trust each other but there is dishonesty. He sees her for who she really is but doesn’t care. They started to date.
What point of view is “The Great Gatsby” written in? First person participant
Whose point of view is “The Great Gatsby” written in? Nick Carraway
What is the setting of “The Great Gatsby”? Spring of 1922 in New York
What kind of people live in West Egg? New rich, people who worked for their money
What job does Nick Carraway want? He wants to work in bonds
Where does Nick Carraway live? West Egg in a rented home
What is Nick Carraway’s personality? Kind of lonely, curious
Where did Nick Carraway live previously? Chicago
Where is Nick originally from? The Mid-West
How does Nick Carraway describe himself? One of the few honest people he has ever met
Where does Jay Gatsby live? West Egg in the mansion next to Nick
How old is Jay Gatsby? 32 years ols
Who knows Jay Gatsby? Jordan Baker
What did Jay Gatsby do before he got rich? Fought in the war
What does Jay Gatsby refer to Nick Carraway as? “Old Sport”
What kind of parties does Jay Gatsby have? Super fun parties
What kind of host is Jay Gatsby? He doesn’t seem to get involved in the parties he throws
What kind of people live in East Egg? Old rich, people who inherited the money
Who is Tom Buchanan’s spouse? Daisy
How is Tom Buchanan’s figure described? a strong cruel body
How could Tom Buchanan’s wealth be described? enormously wealthy
What sport did Tom Buchanan play? Football
How famous of a athlete was Tom Buchanan? A national figure
What kind of personality does Tom Buchanan have? Arrogant, rude, and pushy
How old is Tom Buchanan? 30 years-old
How is Daisy and Tom Buchanan’s relationship? He is cheating on her
What kind of personality does Daisy Buchanan have? Charming
What is the significance in Daisy Buchanan wearing white? It symbolizes her purity and innocence
Is Daisy Buchanan aware of the affair? Yes
Other than Tom and Nick, who else is in Daisy Buchanan’s family? Her daughter
What does Daisy Buchanan hope for her daughter? She hopes she will grow up to be a fool so that she can’t realize what she doesn’t have
How are Nick and Daisy Buchanan related? Cousins
What is the significance of Daisy Buchanan’s dress fluttering? The dress flutters and so does she
What sport does Jordan Baker play? Tennis
Who is Jordan Baker currently living with? The Buchanan’s
What scandal surrounded Jordan Baker’s golf career? That she is cheater
What can be said about Jordan Baker’s honesty? She is incurably dishonest
Is Jordan Baker a careful person? Nope

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