The Great Gatsby Chapter 1

From what point of view is the novel The Great Gatsby narrated? First Person
How does Nick interpret his father’s advice in Chapter 1? Nick, and those in his class are better than people who are not wealthy, so they must be patient with their inferiors.
Who is the “fifth guest” at Daisy and Tom’s dinner party with Jordan and Nick? The telephone – which keeps ringing.
How does Nick know Daisy Buchanan? She is his cousin.
Tom discusses a book he is reading with his dinner guests. What does this discussion tell us about Tom? He is racist
Which adjectives best describe Daisy? Beautiful and melancholy
What is Gatsby doing when Nick first sees him? Staring at the water
Based on his tone, what can the reader infer about Nick’s feelings about Tom? He is not fond of Tom and sees him as someone who could be violent and brutish.
Why has Nick moved East? He wants to work in business
Who is Jordan Baker? A professional golfer and friend of Daisy’s
What sign does Gatsby look for that indicates Daisy is home? A green light glowing at the end of her dock
What business has Nick moved to the East to pursue? Bond business
What sport does Jordan Baker play? Golf
True or False: West Egg is more fashionable than its neighbor, East Egg? False
What family business pursuit has Nick abandoned? Hardware
In what city/state does the story take place? Long Island, New York
Who is the narrator? Nick Carraway
The two areas in which the characters live are East Egg & West Egg
The following set of adjectives BEST describes Tom Buchanan’s personality Aggressive, condescending, arrogant
What is the main difference between the houses in East Egg and West Egg? East Egg, the houses look colonial and old. West Egg the houses are newer.
What does Daisy want her daughter to grow up to be? A “beautiful little fool”
Who reacts strangely/curiously when Jordan Baker says to Nick that she knows a man named Gatsby? Daisy Buchanan, Tom’s Wife
What color is repeatedly used to describe Daisy and her friend Jordan? White
Who says the following quote: “Well, these books are all scientific…This fellow has worked out the whole thing. It’s up to us who are the dominant race to watch out or these other races will have control of things.” Tom Buchman
Who telephones Tom at the dinner at his house? Tom’s “women in New York”
Who reaches out his/her arms across the water at the end of the chapter? Gatsby
As Nick looks to see what this character is reaching for, what does he see at the end of a dock? A green light on the dock
East Egg Old Money
West Egg New Money
Where does Tom and Daisy live? East Egg
Where does Nick and Gatsby live? West Egg

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