The Great Gatsby: Chapter 1

Nick’s father advised him to _____ because others did not have the ____ he had. Reserve judgement. Advantages (from birth).
How does Nick describe himself at the beginning of the book? He describes himself as highly moral and highly tolerant
What information does Nick give us about himself in the prologue? That he reserves judgment about people, last autumn he returned to the Midwest from the East, he still has a great affection for Gatsby.
What does Nick say is “gorgeous” about Gatsby? His heightened sensitivity to the promises of life an extraordinary gift for hope a romantic readiness. He is like an machine that registers earthquakes 10,000 miles away
According to Nick, what is personality? A series of successful gestures
What is Nick’s last name? Carraway
Where did Nick graduate from? New haven. (Yale?)
Where did he go after college? To the Great War (World War I)
Who did his family descend from? The Duke of Buccleauch
What is Nick’s socio-economic background? His well-to-do family is descended from the founder of a wholesale hardware business.
What job is he currently seeking/in? The bond business
What are the two prominent land features of the island (Long Island)? A pair of enormous eggs.
And what are their respective names? East Egg and West Egg
Near which does Nick live? West Egg.
Who lives in the mansion next to Nick’s small house? Gatsby
How is West Egg different from East Egg? West Egg is new money, less fashionable East Egg is old money, more fashionable
How much does it cost to rent Nick’s house? 80$ a month.
Who are Nick’s friends who live at EAST egg? Tom Buchanan and his wife Daisy.
What is Nick’s relation to Daisy? She is his second cousin once removed.
How did he know Tom? He knew him in college.
Before meeting him, what do we learn of Tom Buchanan? He is very rich He is 30 He was a Yale football hero He came East looking for something He is very cruel and arrogant.
What sport was Tom very good at in college? What does he play now? Football. Polo.
How was Tom described? (Main physical attribute) A cruel body
When the men come into the house, what color stands out? White
How was Daisy described? Her low, thrilling voice.
How old is Daisy’s daughter? 3 (Nick has never seen her)
What is the name of Daisy’s younger friend? Jordan Baker. She does sports and golfs well. Has gray eyes.
What does Nick tell Daisy about Chicago? That at least a dozen people miss her.
When does Daisy want to have a party-ish-thing? The longest day of the year
How is Daisy injured? Who does she blame? Her pinkie knuckle is bruised. Tom (she calls him a hulking brute).
What book does Tom ask if Nick has read? The Rise of the Colored Empires by Goddard
What is Tom upset about? He thinks the white people need to dominate more, and beat down the colored people. (Daisy mocks him)
What is the “secret” that Daisy tells Nick? The Butler’s nose (because he polished so much silver)
Who calls? Tom’s other woman from NY
What does Daisy call Nick when Tom leaves the table? An absolute rose
How does Daisy react to phone calls from Tom’s woman in New York? She ignores it and then gets upset by it.
What did Daisy say when her daughter was born? That she hoped she was a “beautiful little fool”, because that’s the best thing for a girl in this world to be.
What does Daisy say about her situation and Tom? That it is terrible, Tom wasn’t even there when her baby was born.
What does Daisy want to do with Nick and Jordan? Set them up together
What is the rumor about Nick? That he was engaged to a girl out west, but it wasn’t true.
What is Gatsby doing when Nick first see’s him? He is standing on his lawn with his arms reaching out towards the water.
What is Gatsby looking at? A single green light across the water.
What stops Nick from calling out to Gatsby at the end of the chapter? What does Gatsby’s “trembling” suggest? He seems to be content by himself. Trembling could suggest fear, or that he’s angry or upset.

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