The Great Gatsby Ch. 7 Quiz

What is different at the Gatsby mansion? All of the following:-Cars drive sulkily away-all the old servants were gone-the kitchen is a pigsty
Gatsby tells Nick his servants… …were people Wolfsheim wanted to hire
When Nick drives to Tom and Daisy’s house for lunch on a hot summer day,who does he find there? Both Gatsby and Jordan
The weather during this visit was… …broiling hot
While Tom is mixing drinks, Daisy… …Kisses Gatsby
How does Gatsby react to Daisy’s child? He seems stunned
Complaining of boredom, what does Daisy suggest they do? Go to the city
Who rides to the city in Tom’s car? Gatsby and Daisy
What do they learn when they stop for gas at Wilson’s storage? Mr. Wilson is aware of his wife’s affair
Where does the confrontation between Tom and Gatsby take place? In a suite at the Plaza Hotel
Tom accuses Gatsby of lying about what? Attending Oxford University
Who turns 30 on this day of confrontation? Nick
With whom does Daisy ride home with? Gatsby
Who is killed in this chapter? Myrtle Wilson
Who was driving the car that was involved in the accident? Daisy

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