the great Gatsby ch. 7 questions

why do you suppose, Fitzgerald links the behavior of the characters to the hottest day of the summer? It’s sweltering hot, everything is about to explode. It’s the climax of the book.
When Gatsby briefly meets Daisy’s little girl, he is somewhat unnerved. Symbolically, what does the little girl represent? The reality that Daisy and Tom are together and that they cannot repeat the past. The little girl could also represent Daisy and Tom’s reunion.
What causes Tom to realize that his wife has been having an affair with Gatsby? Tom witnesses a moment between Daisy and Gatsby. “You always look so cool.” and “She told him that she loved him and Tom saw.”
What does Gatsby understand about Daisy’s voice that Nick does not? Her voice sounds like it’s full of money. She has no worry, she gets what she wants.
Describe the driving arrangement that brings the five characters into the city? Daisy and Gatsby take Tom’s car. Jordan, Tom, and Nick take Gatsby’s car.
Why, do you suppose, Tom decides to let Wilson finally have the car he has been promising to him? Tom feels bad for Wilson, he’s figured out Myrtle’s been cheating on him with someone. He looks really sick.
What indication is there at this point that, in Myrtle’s mind anyway, Tom has been more than a fling? She refused to move away with Wilson like she had said she wanted earlier. She wants to stay near Tom.
Besides Myrtle, what other eyes “kept their vigil” on the activities along the roadway? T.J. Eckleberg
As always, there is a grain of truth in what Gatsby says. In what sense is he an Oxford man? He went to Oxford for five months. It was an opportunity given to soldiers.
Daisy says that Tom is “revolting.” To what, can you imagine, is she referring? He’s saying he loves her and that he’s cheating on her.
Why does Daisy have a tough time saying, as Gatsby wishes, that she never loved Tom? Because her and Tom had good memories, she did love him once, but she loved Gatsby too.
Why is it so important to Gatsby that Daisy say she never loved Tom? It shows that her love is pure and only for Gatsby. He’s created a fantasy, “She’s been in love with him for five years and so was he.”
How has Gatsby earned most of his money, and what does Tom say that startles Gatsby? Tom knows Gatsby is working on something bigger and more illegal.
What is Daisy’s reaction to this news? Tom won Daisy over after she found this out. She’s scared because Gatsby’s money could be taken away, along with him going to jail. After finding out she wants to go home.
Describes the hit and run scene. Daisy was driving Gatsby’s car. She was driving recklessly and was shaking. Myrtle saw the yellow car and that Tom was driving it earlier, and thought it was Tom driving then. She escaped from Wilson and went to flag down the yellow car, Daisy swerved in and out, eventually hitting Myrtle. She was killed instantly.
Why does Tom make the point to Wilson that he just drove the coupe from New York and the yellow car does not actually belong to him? He knows Wilson saw Tom, Nick, and Jordan driving the yellow car earlier and he didn’t want him to think he hit Myrtle.
What indication is there that Tom really was fond of Myrtle? He was upset, he repeated “The ******** coward! He didn’t even stop his car!”
What does the reader learn that Tom does not know? Daisy was driving
What is the scene that Nick observes taking place between Tom and Daisy in the kitchen? They’re eating together and conspiring together
Why does this scene suggest ill for Gatsby? Tom and Daisy are getting along. Tom won Daisy over.

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