The Great Gatsby Ch. 7-9

Why Fitzgerald links the behavior of the characters to the hottest day of the summer It was hot and they were angry
When Gatsby briefly meets Daisy’s little girl, he is somewhat unnerved. Symbolically, what does the little girl represent? how irresponsible Daisy is
What causes Tom to realize that his wife has been having an affair with Gatsby? Daisy and Gatsby make eye contact
What does Gatsby understand about Daisy’s voice that Nick does not? It is full of money/the American dream
Describe the driving arrangement that brings five characters into the city. Jordan, Nick, and Tom take Gatsby’s yellow car while Daisy and Gatsby take Tom’s blue coupĂ©.
Why Tom decides to let Wilson finally have the car he has been promising him he feels guilty
What indication is there at this point that, in Myrtle’s mind anyway, Tom has been more than a fling? she’s jealous
Besides Myrtle’s, what other eyes “kept their vigil” on the activities along the roadway? Dr. T.J. Eckleberg
As always, there is a grain of truth in what Gatsby says. In what sense is he an Oxford man? he went to college there for 5 months
Daisy says that Tom is “revolting.” To what is she referring? Because Tom’s saying that Daisy can’t leave him but yet he cheated on her so many times. She’s had it with the sickening affairs and the “sprees”.
Why does Daisy have a tough time saying, as Gatsby wishes, that she never loved Tom? Because at one point she did love Tom, and Gatsby. She’s also afraid that once she says she never loved Tom she will be Gatsby’s permanently.
Why is it important to Gatsby that Daisy say she never loved Tom, only him? Because Gatsby wants to erase the past and pretend Daisy never wanted Tom so they can get married and move on.
How has Gatsby gotten some of his money, and what does Tom say that startles Gatsby? He and Wolsheim bought a lot of streetside drug stores and sold grain alcohol over the counter. Tom also says Gatsby has something big going on but Walter Chase won’t tell him because he’s afraid Wolfsheim will kill him.
What is Daisy’s reaction to this news? She stares terrified between Gatsby and her husband and she starts to withdraw into herself. She’s never seen this side of Gatsby before and it scares her.
Describe the hit-and-run scene Myrtle got hit….?
Why does Tom make the point to Wilson that he just drove the coupe from New York and the yellow car is not his? Because he’s afraid that Wilson will remember that Tom was in the yellow car earlier and think that he killed Myrtle. He wants to make sure Wilson doesn’t suspect him or think he did it.
What indication is there that Tom really is fond of Myrtle? He cries
What does the reader learn that Tom does not know? That Daisy was driving that car that killed Myrtle, not Gatsby.
What is the scene that Nick observes taking place between Tom and Daisy in the kitchen? They’re sitting opposite each other and Tom has his hand over hers. He is talking very intently with Daisy nodding. They aren’t happy or unhappy. It seems like they’re very close almost plotting, trying to set their story straight.
Why does this scene suggest ill for Gatsby? Tom and Daisy are getting closer, and the closer they get the more Gatsby gets bumped out of the picture.
Why was the young Gatsby drawn to Daisy? Because she’s beautiful, she’s the 1st “nice” girl he had known, he loves her house, how she lives, and the fact that men already loved her increased her worth. Like she was a prize or stock.
What is the cause of the problem between Jordan and Nick? Nick is getting tired of her because she’s just like Daisy and Tom and after last night with all the commotion he’s sick of all of them.
In what context do Dr. Eckleburg’s eyes appear in this chapter? George points them out to Myrtle right before she dies. They appear as the eyes of God.
When Wilson disappears for three hours, where do you guess he might have gone? He probably met with Tom who told him Gatsby owned the car that killed Myrtle and that he had the affair with her.
Gatsby asks the groundskeeper not to drain the pool. Why? In light of what happens at the very end of chapter 8, how is this exchange symbolically meaningful? He never used it. He gets shot.
How can Wilson’s actions at the end of Ch. 8 be explained? He thought Gatsby killed Myrtle and had an affair with her because Tom told him. He shot Gatsby and killed himself because he couldn’t live with it and he couldn’t live without Myrtle.
What were Nick’s final words to Gatsby? Why is this a fitting goodbye? “They’re a written crowd, you’re worth the whole damn bunch put together”- Gatsby realizes Nick was the only person who genuinely cared about him, the only compliment Nick ever gave Gatsby
Why does Nick feel responsible for getting people to the funeral? Why do you suppose Wolfsheim reacts the way he does? Nick was Gatsby’s friend–like his only friend. Nobody else cared about him but Nick.Wolfsheim acts the way he does because he’s a business man and can’t risk a bad outcome on his business if he went to the funeral. I’m sure he cared, but he’s firstly a man of enterprise, not friendship.
What does young Jimmy Gatz’s daily schedule say about him? It says Jimmy was working to be better, it says self improvement was very important to him. He was serious about it, he had goals.
Is Nick surprised that Daisy has not sent a message or flowers? Are you? He’s not really surprised. At this point I think Nick expected it because that’s just who Daisy is. That’s how all of them are. They only care about themselves and disappear the minute it gets hard.
Nick’s fantastic dream involves El Grego figures. What is the dream, and what might this dream represent in regard to Nick’s present feelings about the East? The dream is about cold houses and 4 men carrying a drunk woman on a stretcher and they turn into the wrong house because nobody knows who she is and nobody cares about her. It shows us that Nick thinks the East is very cold, uncaring, and heartless.
What shocking piece of information does Nick receive in his chance meeting with Tom? Tom sent Wilson
What is Nick’s final feeling about Tom and Daisy? They are careless people who smash up things and creatures and then retreat back into their money or their vast carelessness and let others clean up they mess they made. He can’t forgive them or hate them because that’s the way they are and they won’t ever change.
In the last four paragraphs, Nick makes the symbol of the green light very concrete. What does the green light symbolize? The green light symbolizes the orgastic future that’s so close and the same time so far away, because people work toward it but it eludes them because they get stuck in the past.
Keeping the last few paragraphs in mind, what does the last sentence in the story mean? People try so hard to move on towards the future but it’s like they just keep falling back into the past and wanting to relive it. People aren’t moving forwards and keep returning to the dreams of their past.

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