The Great Gatsby, Ch 7

Why does Gatsby fire all his servants and stop giving parties? To avoid people gossiping about him and Daisy
What does Gatsby hear in Daisy’s voice while at her house? Money
What was Gatsby’s reaction to Daisy’s child? He looks at her with surprise
When does Tom realize that Daisy loves Gatsby in this chapter? When they are in the hot room and Daisy, tells Gatsby he “always looks cool.”
Why does George Wilson need money from Tom? He realizes that Myrtle is cheating on him, he’s feeling sick, and he wants to move him and Myrtle out West
What did George Wilson do to his wife Myrtle? He locked her in her room. He suspects she is having an affair.
Why do the five (Gatsby, Daisy, Tom, Nick, and Jordan) drive into the city on such a hot afternoon? Daisy wants to avoid confrontation and get away from her problems. This simply just gives them something to do.
What does the weather symbolize in this chapter? It is very hot and stifling, symbolizing that tensions are mounting and something is about to explode.
Why is Myrtle upset when she sees Tom and Jordan? She’s thinks Jordan is Tom’s new mistress and becomes jealous
What does Gatsby think about Daisy’s relationship with Tom? He believes Daisy never loved Tom.
What is Daisy’s reaction to both men during the hotel scene? She wants the escape provided by Gatsby, but needs Tom because he is a lot like her, rich and reckless.
What does Nick realize before they leave New York? That it is his birthdays
What happens on the way home from New York? Daisy is driving Gatsby’s car. She hits and kills Myrtle Wilson, but keeps driving.
Which of these statements about other characters’ reactions to Myrtle’s death is true? Tom’s first instinct is to protect himself. Later he cries.
How does Nick feel about Jordan and the Buchanans’ at the end of the day? He doesn’t like what they represent and no longer wants to be around them.
What do the “watching eyes” of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg symbolize? The eyes of God
How are Tom and Daisy alike? They are both careless and don’t take responsibility for their actions.
How is Tom Buchanan a hypocrite in this chapter? He is mad at Daisy for cheating on him with Gatsby but he thinks it’s ok for him to cheat on her with Myrtle.

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