The Great Gatsby, Ch 4

What does Gatsby tell Nick about himself on their drive to lunch in the city? He was educated at Oxford; inherited his money from his family; and he won several medals during the war
What “matter” did Gatsby have Jordan Baker discuss with Nick? Gatsby wanted Nick to arrange a luncheon meeting between himself and Daisy
Who is Meyer Wolfshiem? He is a racketeer, gambler, and business associate of Gatsby’s.
What does Mr. Wolfshiem tell Nick about Gatsby? Gatsby was the kind of man to take home to meet your mother and sister
What does Jordan tell Nick about Daisy, Gatsby, and Tom? Daisy and Gatsby had had an earlier romance. Her parents wouldn’t let her see him off to war. Then she married Tom and soon found out he had a mistress.
When Nick asks Gatsby what part of the Midwest he is from he says… San Francisco
When Nick calls Gatsby a character, he shows he believes Gatsby to be doing what? Acting
How does Nick feel about Gatsby’s elaborate story of his past? He believes he is lying- he things it is absurd
How is Nick conflicted with Jordan? He is both repelled by and drawn to her
How did Meyer Wolfsheim achieve his fame? He fixed the 1919 World Series
What are Meyer Wolfsheim’s cuff links made of? Human molars/teeth
What does Gatsby’s “connegion” with Meyer Wolfsheim reveal about the nature of his business? It is somehow corrupt, dishonest, or illegal
Why did Gatsby really move to West Egg? To be near Daisy
How long had it been since Gatsby waited to speak with Daisy? Five years
At the start of their trip to New York, Gatsby, the man of great wealth and mystery, asks Nick a question he finds absurd, yet oddly revealing about the true nature of Gatsby. What is that question? “What’s your opinion of me?”
Chapter 4 clarifies why Gatsby was staring at the green light at the end of Chapter 1. Why? Gatsby was staring at the green light because that green light was Daisy’s dock and it made Gatsby think of her.

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