The Great Gatsby

How does the narrator describe Gatsby? Gatsby had an extraordinary gift for hope and a romantic readiness
From where did the narrator come from and why? From the Midwest to study the bond business
Describe the narrator’s house It is a weatherbeaten bungalow squeezed between the mansions
Describe the Buchanan’s house it is a formal and traditional colonial Georgian mansion
how does Nick know Daisy and Tom? Daisy and Nick are cousins, Nick and Tom knew each other from school
describe Tom. what is our impression of him from chapter one? he has an athletic build and an arrogant attitude, he is an old-money snob
what kind of person is Daisy? Daisy is flighty and very superficial
what did Miss Baker tell Nick about Tom? Tom is having an affiar
In chapter one, how is Gatsby introduced into the novel? He is mentioned in a conversation between Nick and Jordan, and later Nick sees him on the lawn in the moonlight
What rumor had Daisy heard about Nick that turns out to be untrue? Nick was engaged
In what city and state does the story take place? Long Island, New York
What are the two areas in which the characters live? East Egg and West Egg
what color is repeatedly used to describe Daisy and her friend Jordan? white
What does Daisy want her daughter to grow up to be? a beautiful little fool
What is the “valley of ashes”? an industrial zone
what are the “eyes” of Dr TJ Eckleburg? an illustration on a billboard
Who did Tom take Nick to meet? his mistress
Who are Myrtle and George Wilson? Myrtle is Tom’s mistress and George is her husband
what did Mrs Wilson buy while she was out with Tom and Nick? a dog
In chapter two, where do Tom, Nick, and Myrtle go that was on 158th street? the apartment Tom met his mistress
Who are Catherine and the McKee’s? Catherine is Myrtle’s sister and the McKees live downstairs at the apartment complex
What does Mr McKee tell Nick about Gatsby? Gatsby is the nephew of Kaiser Wilhelm
What reason did Myrtle give for marrying George Wilson? she thought that he was a gentleman, but later found out differently
What did Tom do to Myrtle when she mentioned Daisy’s name? he hit her and broke her nose
Which one of these does not represent Gatsby’s wealth?A- made in the post-war period B- spending on flashy, extravagant thingsC- old, family moneyD- wild parties A- made in the post-war period
What kind of people attend Gatsby’s parties? the newly rich and famous and their friends
Why did Nick go to Gatsby’s party? Gatsby sent him a direct invitation
How does Nick meet Gatsby? Nick asks a man he is talking to where Gatsby is and discovers that he is talking to Gatsby
Which is not one of the stories about Gatsby?A- He inherited his money from his mother, a French baronessB- he killed a manC- he was a German spy during the warD- he was in the American army during the war A- he inherited his money from his mother, a French baroness
Which of these words describes Gatsby?A- aggressiveB- cruelC- phonyD- loving C- phony
Describe Nick’s relationship with Jordan they are beginning to get friendly
At the end of chapter 3, Nick proudly states that he is the only ___________ person he knows. honest
When Nick met Gatsby, what did they realize they had in common? They fought and served in the same unit during the war
At the end of chapter 1, what does Nick see Gatsby doing? Nick sees Gatsby standing in his backyard near his deck by the water reaching out towards a green light
Who is Klipspringer? he is the “boarder” who always seems to be at Gatsby’s house
What does Gatsby tell Nick about himself? he was educated at Oxford, inherited his money from his family and got some medals in the war
What “matter” did Gatsby have Jordan Baker discuss with Nick? Gatsby wanted Nick to arrange a luncheon meeting between himself and Daisy
Who is Mr Wolfshiem? He is a racketeer and a business associate of Gatsby’s, and he also fixed the 1919 world series
What does Mr Wolfshiem tell Nick about Gatsby? Gatsby was the kind of man to take home to meet your mother and sister
What does Jordan tell Nick about Daisy, Gatsby, and Tom? Daisy and Gatsby had an earlier romance. her parents wouldn’t let her see him off to war. then she married Tom and soon found out that he had a mistress
What were the cufflinks made of that were worn by Meyer Wolfsheim? human molars
What did Gatsby do when Nick walked over to to speak to Tom at the restaurant and introduce him to Tom? He left

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