The Great Gatsby

Why is Gatsby dressed in a gold tie and a silver shirt? to dress the part of a rich man to impress Daisy
Why does Nick reject Gatsby’s offer of business? Nick cannot be bought by money
What is significant about Nick’s embarrassment during the tea and the fact that he leaves and walks around the house? Nick, feeling like a third wheel, and feels like it goes against his “morals” to participate in a meeting between a married woman (Daisy) and a potential adulterer (Gatsby).
What hint is given in the story of how Gatsby’s house was built? it was built on a peninsula
What is ironic about the cottage owners’ refusal to put thatched roofs on their homes? The brewer who built Gatsby’s house wanted area residents to put thatched roofs on their cottages but they refused due to looking like they might work for the rich.
Does Gatsby really believe, as he tells Daisy, that his house is always full of interesting, famous people? he just tells her that because he wants her to believe that he is important. He has connections.
What is significant about Klipspringer’s song? Klipspringer plays and sings “Ain’t We Got Fun” in the Great Gatsby. Gatsby’s guests are rich and unhappy and the song is about people, who in spite of being poor, are having a good time.
Why does Fitzgerald reveal the truth about Gatsby’s background at this particular point in the novel? He wanted to us to pay attention from the beginning of the story. And he wants to us to create false impression of the characters. Perhaps he wants it to make a suspense.
What is ironic about the story of Dan Cody?
What parallel is suggested by the fact that Gatsby never gets the inheritance bequeathed to him by Gatsby?
Compare the attitudes of Gatsby and the visiting trio, which includes Tom Buchanan?
What is the irony of Tom’s remark that women run around too much and meet the wrong kind people?
Why does Daisy say she’s giving out “green” cards?
How does Tom sense immediately that Gatsby is a bootlegger?
What is the meaning of the ladder that Gatsby imagines he saw in the blocks of the sidewalk?
What finality does Gatsby create when he first kisses Daisy?

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