The Great Gatsby

Time period of the novel 1920’s
Careless describes what characters? Tom and Daisy
Tells Wilson who owns the yellow car Tom
Daisy’s hometown Louisville
Nick’s profession Bond sellsman
Idealistic describes which character Gatsby
What is remarkable about Gatsby’s library the books are real
Honesty is a virtue that describes which character Nick
Which character knows all Nick
Why does nick move back to the mid west Lack of morality in the east
Why won’t Tom give up daisy? posession
How many people attended Gatsby’s funeral? 2
Why does Tom insist that Daisy ride with Gatsby? Because he(Tom) knows that he’s already won and Gatsby lost
What does the green light symbolize? Hope
What does it mean to have a “voice full of money” To be sophisticated (high social status)
Valley of ashes Between west egg and NYC. Where things die
Weak and selfish character Daisy
Which character is cold and callous? Tom
Why does Gatsby wait outside daisy’s house after the accident To make sure she’s safe and Tom won’t hit her
Why does Gatsby buy his house across the water from Daisy’s? So she can see his parties
What does Gatsby want from Nick? To invite Daisy over for tea
What parallel discovery do Tom and George make on the day of myrtle’s death? That both wives were cheating
What characters went to war Gatsby and nick
What is the climax of the story? When Myrtle was killed
Gatsby is told by which POV? 1st
What does the Jazz age represent? Wealth, wasting money
What do all the characters except Wilson and myrtle have in common? They’re from the west
Gatsby’s life and Fitzgerald’s life are similar in what ways? Money, parties, affairs, jazz age
How did Gatsby earn his money? Mafia
Who was driving the car at the time of the accident? Daisy
Who is Meyer Wolfeheim? He made Gatsby into who he is. Mafia

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