The Great Gatsby

What do the full length books in Gatsby’s library represent What Gatsby wants people to believe about him. that he is a well educated Oxford man
The unopened books represent more about Gatsby most facts about Gatsby are unknown
What does the Owl eyed man wonder about the books if Gatsby has really read them
What does the unopened books tell you about Gatsby he is a fraud
What does the weather match in the story the emotional and narrative tone of the story
What was the weather like during Gatsby’s and Daisy’s reunion pouring rain
What does the rain during the reunion of Gatsby and Daisy represent awkwardness and melancholy- the storm begins when they are reunited
What is the weather like when Gatsby and Daisy’s love reawakens the sun is just coming out; dawn; rebirth
What is the weather like when Gatsby has his climatic confrontation with Tom the hottest day of summer under the scorching sun which shows conflict
When does Wilson kill Gatsby first day of autumn
what is the symbolism of Gatsby lying dead floating in his pool attempt to stop time and restore his relationship with Daisy
What does spring represent in the novel clean slate
What does the Green light at the end of Daisy’s dock represent Gatsby’s hopes and dreams for the future
What does Gatsby associate the green light with Daisy
When does Gatsby reach toward the green light in Chapter 1, when he reaches for it in the darkness as a guiding light to his goal, Daisy
What does Nick compare the green light to in Chapter 9 how America must have looked to the early settlers; the American dream with so many promises
What is the Valley of Ashes a long stretch of desolate land created by the dumping of industrial ashes between West Egg and New York City
What does the Valley of Ashes represent destruction and death
What is the destruction that the Valley of Ashes represents moral and social decay that results from the uninhabited pursuit of wealth; the rich indulging themselves
What does the Valley of Ashes represent about the poor they live among the dirty ashes and lose their vitality and energy
Who lived among the Ashes George Wilson
What are the Eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleberg a face on a billboard with really big fading eyes and really big glasses with yellow rims over the Valley of Ashes
What does the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleberg represent Someone watcing over the valley; GOD staring down and judging American society as a moral wasteland
Who made the connection between the eyes and God George Wilson made the connection in his mind
What do the yellow rims of the glasses represent corruption
In chapter 8, the eyes represent what meaningless of the world and mental process where people invest objects with meanings
What was Gatsby’s final thoughts about these eyes in Chapter 8 a depressed consideration of emptiness
What does the color gray represent dreariness; symbolizes lack of life or spirit or a place of no hope or no future; describes the Valley of Ashes
What does the color white represent false purity or goodness
Who is always in white in the novel Daisy and Jordon
When was Gatsby in white when he went to meet Daisy again for the first time in 5 years
What does the color red represent blood and death, specifically the bloody death of Myrtle
What does the color yellow represent corruptness and things that go bad
What do the yellow leaves represent decay
What does Gatsby’s yellow car represent his corruptness and dishonesty and deception
What does the color gold represent wealth or the show of wealth
How did Gatsby try to win Daisy back with his parties and show of wealth
What does Daisy represent fragile flower; she is fragile and cannot make up her own mind
What does Tom’s pushing people away and quoting things he reads represent power and the abuse of power
What does Nick standing to the side represent he has his own opinion but does not express it; innocent bystander
Who is the first to see Owl Eyes Nick
What did Nick do which was bad one of the main people who connected Gatsby and Daisy, which represents an innocent bystander
What does Gatsby’s character represent the result of a dream deferred or left behind
Why was Daisy an unreachable goal for Gatsby she could not live up to his expectations
What happened in Gatsby’s dreams of Daisy the more he wished and dreamed for her, the more perfect he imagined her to be
Who is Owl Eyes mysterious character; don’t know his true name
What was true about Owl Eyes he was all knowing or all seeing, like God
Who was always there for Gatsby when no one else was there Owl Eyes
What was the correlation between the 3 characters; Gatsby, Myrtle, and Wilson only people to ever have truly loved and the only people to have died during that time of deception
what do cars represent carelessness and recklessness; also status symbols (cool)
What does East Egg represent old money passed down from generation to generation; proper people
What does West Egg represent new money that people who live inside there have earned; rowdy people
What is the significance of East and West Egg they are social opposites
What were Wolfsheim’s cufflinks made from human molars (teeth)
What does Wolfsheim’s cufflinks represent mixture of sophistication and barbarism; racism
Who was Meyer Wolfsheim Jewish, shady associate of Gatsby, who was into illegal dealings; infamous in the criminal underworld
What is Nick’s priority religion
what is the fact the Wolfsheim is a shady Jewish man show racism
What prejudice does Tom talk about the superiority of the Nordic race
What does alcoholism represent it dulls the knowledge of harsh actions in the world
What particular actions of the world was alcoholism covering World War II and the Holocaust
What was Gatsby’s real name James Gatz
Who was Dan Cody Gatsby worked for him when he was 17
What did Gatsby do for Dan Cody he went out to tell him about bad winds when Cody was out on his yacht one day
What did Cody do in appreciation to Gatsby he became his mentor and best friend; Gatsby took care of everything for him
What does Cody do that Gatsby does not do very much drink alcohol
What was a sign that Gatsby cared for Cody a lot there was a picture of him in Gatsby’s bedroom
What did Cody do for Gatsby left him all of his money
Why didn’t Gatsby get Cody’s money Cody’s mistress stole it
What was Nick’s carreer newspaper reporter
What was Gatsby’s carreer no real carreer; never know how he got his money
How does Nick’s carreer compare to Gatsby Nick reveals all and Gatsby reveals nothing real about himself. Nick deals in facts and Gatsby deals in dreams and lies.
Who is the narrator of the story Nick
What does the faded timeline showing the names of Gatsby’s guests represent lies; Gatsby really didn’t know these people well; his fraud is becoming revealed

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