“The Grapes of Wrath” study questions

Chapters 1-4What does Steinbeck describe in Chapter 1? Steinbeck describes the “Dust Bowl”. He also describes how the land a was dry and what the landscape looked like.
Chapters 1-4Where was Tom Joad coming from and where was he going to when he hitched a ride with the truck driver? Tom Joad was coming from prison and he was going home to his dad’s farm.
Chapters 1-4What was the turtles most outstanding characteristic? That he never gave up.
Chapters 1-4Why was Tom in jail, and what was his attitude towards his crime? He had killed a man. He felt justified because the guy had pulled a know it on him.
Chapters 5-7What was the monster, and why could the men not control it? The monster was the bank. The men couldn’t control it because it was taking their land and no man would claim responsibility.
Chapters 8 and 9Why does Uncle John feel guilty? He feels like he caused hos wife’s death.
Chapters 8 and 9What was the first thing each of the Joads wanted to know when Tom comes home? If he had escaped.
Chapters 8 and 9Relationship between Grama and Grampa.. They are very feisty, and fight a lot. Grampa is very vulgar, whereas Grama tries to be very religious.
Chapters 8 and 9What happens to Noah at birth? Pa Joad stretched Noah out, but he is basically normal.
Chapters 8 and 9What does Steinbeck show us in Chapter 9? How desperate the farmers were.
Chapters 10-12What advice did To give Ma about worrying about the future? To live day to day, like he had done in prison.
Chapters 10-12What does Pa/Ma say about Case coming along?- Pa worries if they have enough money and room. But Ma doesn’t care.
Chapters 10-12How did Tom and Ma get Grampa into the truck enou g thought he didn’t want to go? They drugged him with “soup and syrup”
Chapters 10-12Who all headed west? Ma, Pa, Grama, Grampa, Al, Connie, Rose of Sharon, Uncle John, Ruthie, Winfield, Tom, Casy, and a dog
Chapters 10-12What does Steinbeck describe in Chapter 11? What was left of the cotton production after the dust bowl.
Chapters 13 and 14Which of the passengers on the Joad truck was left behind first? The dog.
Chapters 13 and 14Who are the Wilson’s? The first people the Joads meet on their journey. They help out a lot with Pa’s death, they offer him their tent.
Chapters 17 and 18Why was Ma so feisty at the agricultural inspection station? Because Grama had died and she knew the family had to get through.
Chapters 19 and 20How did Case help Tom out of trouble with the deputy sehriff? Case took the blame for Tom hitting the deputy.
Chapters 19 and 20Where and why did Connie go? Connie skipped town because he was promised a better life and hadn’t gotten it.
Chapters 21 and 22Compare and contrast Hoovervilles and the government camps.. Hoovervilles were horrible and government camps were nice.
Chapters 23-25How did the camp guards ruin the Association’s plot to invade t he government camps? They found the people before the fight started and took them put of sight.
Chapter 26Why did the Joads leave the government camp? They were promised work somewhere else.
Chapter 26How was the flat tire good luck for the Joads? While they were changing it, they were offered somewhere to work.
Chapter 26After dinner where does Tom go and why? He goes to find out what was going on with the people striking at the gate, but he ends up getting into more trouble.

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