The Grapes of Wrath

Where was Steinbeck born? Salinas, CA
Dates of Steinbeck 1902-1968
When did he win Pulitzer Prize and for what book? 1940-Grapes of Wrath
When was Grapes of Wrath written? 1939
When was the Great Depression? 1929-1939
Who was Herbert Hoover? (1929-1933) against federal aid to the unemployeddepended on private charities to help suffering
Hoovervilles shanty towns built alongside the road
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1933-1945) served 3 termsestablished relief programs
Dust Bowl dust storm or the area affected
The Migrant Movement banks closed small farmspromise of work out West
Intercalary Chapters gives background of general plightsupports narrative with historical infoserves artistic and symbol functions
Three Sections: 1. Drought/Plagues2. Exodus/Journey3. Promised Land
What two songs come from the book? Joe Hill and Rotten Peaches
What was the word used most in chapter 1? dust
What happens if the men “break”? women know something is wrong
What did Tom Joad do? killed a man
How long was Tom in prison? 4 years-got out early
What animal is compared to the migrants? a turtle
Who does Tom meet on the way home? Jim Casy
Why did Jim Casy quit being a preacher? he loves people but sometimes can’t love Jesus
What are the positives of prison life? 1. food2. place to sleep3. makes friends
How did the Joads get their house? they stole it
What are the banks called? monsters
Who is Muley Graves? an old graveyard ghost
Why doesn’t Casy go to sleep? because there is too much to think about
How did Uncle John’s wife die? she had a stomachache
Who is the citadel of the family? Ma
Who is the oldest boy? Noah
Name the Joad family from oldest to youngest (including Connie) Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle John, Pa, Ma, Noah, Tom, Connie Rose of Sharon, Al, Ruthie, Winfield
How much money do the Joads start with? $154.00
What is the family’s new hearth? their truck
How do they make Grandpa leave? they drug him with cough syrup
What is Al’s main concern on their journey? the truck
what is the gas station owner’s concern (ch. 13)? going out of business
Who does the family meet after they pull over for the night? (ch. 13) Ivy and Sairy Wilson
Who dies first? Grandpa
What is Rose of Sharon’s dream? to buy a house and to live in town give birth in a hospital
Who is the “one-eyed man”? works at the car shop
What are the unwritten rules the migrants have? share foodrespect privacywatch everyone’s childrentake care of old people and pregnant women
What does the men going into the river symbolize? new life
What are “Okies”? dirty scum, son of a bitch
Who stays with the water? Noah
Who dies second? Grandma
Bull-Simple acting stupid, don’t know anything
Blacklist standing up for something and getting picture taken and license plate written down-harder to get work
“Red” communist ideas
How does Casy sacrifice himself (first)? he turns himself in to protect Tom
Who leaves at Hooverville? Connie
What is sinful to Lisbeth Sandry? hug-dancingplay acting
How do migrants find pleasure on the highway? tell storiesplay musicget drunksee movieslisten to preachers
Who is Ezra Houston? Chairman of Central Committee
Who is Willie Eaton? Chairman of Entertainment
Who is Jule Vitela? one of the men who guarded the camp with Tom-spotted the boys
What happens with the “troublemakers” at the dance? the men kick them out
why do the troublemakers disturb the camp? they are hungry
Who decides to leave Weedpatch? Ma because there is no work and no money and no food
How are the people paid at the Hooper Ranch? they are paid with slips of paper to spend at the store
How does Casy sacrifice himself (second)? strikes the wages at the Hooper Ranch-gets killed with a pick ax
What are parallels that Jesus to Casy? 1. sends Tom out to spread the news of crime2. sacrifices himself3. “you don’t know what you’re doing”—-“forgive them for they know not what they do”
What is Rose of Sharon’s reaction to Tom’s injury? scared that Tom’s sin will ruin her baby
Why does Ruthie tell her brother killed a man? because she was in a fight with a big girl
What does Tom want to do when he leaves his family? take up Casy’s role-wants to help people, his spirit will be everywhere
Who is Al engaged to? Aggie Wainright
What happens to Rose of Sharon’s stillborn baby? Uncle John sends it down the river-like Moses
What did Pa spend on the last of the family’s money? store bread
Where do Ruthie, Winfield, Rose of Sharon, Pa, and Ma go at the end of the book? a barn-somewhere dry
What does Rose of Sharon do to help the starving man? breast feed him
What does suffering do? it changes people

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