The Giver (whole book) comprehension

In Chapter 1 we meet Jonas he is apprehensive about what? December
In Chapter 1 we learn that Jonas lives in a _____________________. Community
In Chapter 1 we learn that Jonas’ Dad works as a _______________. Nurturer
What do members of the community, do every night after dinner? They share their feelings.
In Chapter 2 we learn the name of the baby that Jonas’ Dad is taking care of. His name is___________________. Gabriel
In Chapter 2 a ceremony is held for the 12’s. What is Jonas’ favorite part? The Giving
What activity is forbidden before becoming 9. Riding a bicycle.
Why was Jonas’ Dad so concerned for Gabriel? He was growing slowly.
In Chapter 3 what item does Jonas perceive change in? An apple.
Jonas joined Asher and Fiona at the House of the _______.They volunteer their time to ______ the elders. Old, Bathe
In Chapter 4 we were introduced to the word “Tabulated”. What is this word similar to: Recorded, logged, charted, tracked, counted.
What is symbolism? When an author uses a symbol to represent a bigger idea or feeling.
Every morning community members share their ____________. Dreams
In Chapter 5 Jonas learns from his mother that dreams are referred to as ____________________. Stirrings
In Chapter 5 we learn that the community members take ________ every day to make the stirrings go away. Pills
In Chapter 7 Jonas begins to worry about what ________ he will be assigned. He doesn’t know what special _____________ he has. Job, Aptitude
In Chapter 7 we learn precision of ___________________ is very important. Language
Why was Jonas embarrassed by the Chief elder? He was skipped.
How many rules are there in the folder of instructions? 8
What is the name of the previous selection? Rosemary
In Chapter 8 Jonas goes to meet with the Giver. The Giver shares with him that they have __________ and ___________ work to do. Hard, Painful
In Chapter 8 the Giver explains to Jonas that he was going to ________________ the ______________ of the whole world to make him the receiver of knowledge. Transmit, Memories
In Chapter 8 Jonas is prepared to receive the memory of ___________. Snow.
In Chapter 9 Jonas becomes increasingly curious about the failed ___________. Receiver
In Chapter 11 Jonas receives memories of _________________, ____________, and _______________ from the Giver. Sunburn, Sunlight and Snow.
In Chapter 12 Jonas dreams about _________________. He also dreams that there is something more beyond the edge of the hill. Sledding.
In Chapter 12 Jonas notices that Fiona’s hair is changing. He notices that her hair is _______. Red.
What animal does Jonas get to ride in Chapter 16. A horse.
Gabriel sleeps in Jonas’ room. While he sleeps Jonas secretly shares ________________________ with Gabe. Memories
One night while Gabe is sleeping Jonas tells him that there could be more, there could be ___________. Love
In Chapter 16 we learned the word “Pervaded” what is this words part of speech. Verb
In Chapter 16 Jonas begins to rebel and decides that he is going to stop ____________________________________________. Taking the pills.
In Chapter 17 Jonas begins to feel sad because he begins to wonder what it would be like to not _________________. Know
In Chapter 17 what game are Jonas’ friends playing that cause him to feel sad. War
In Chapter 18 Jonas becomes extremely brave when he decides to____________________________________. Sneak out and take Gabriel.
In Chapter 19 Jonas and the Giver watch as Jonas’ Dad injects the twin in the ___________________________. Forehead
In Chapter 19 the Giver says he wishes that they would not do what to the twin baby. Release them
In Chapter 20 Jonas tells the Giver it would be __________ to have two identical people walking around. Confusing
What does Jonas transmit to Gabriel so that they can escape from the airplanes? Extreme cold
Jonas starts to realize that by leaving the community, he has chose for him and Gabriel to _____________________. Starve
What memory helps Jonas and Gabriel to make it up the hill? The memory of sunshine and its warmth.
What was waiting for Jonas at the top of the hill. A sled.
What does Jonas hear coming from the house? Singing.
In the last chapters Jonas begins to realize that his actions will effect the whole _____________________. Community
Jonas sees that each ___________ has its advantages and disadvantages. But when he decides that the life he has chosen is better than the one he rejected, Jonas affirms that the important thing is _______________. People with free __________ have to accept the consequences of their actions, but in the end they will be happier to have the ______________. Choice
Jonas has finally known _______ and the irrational, genuine sacrifices that we make to help someone we truly _____. When he risks his own life for Gabriel, and when hope for Gabriel’s survival keeps him from giving up later in the journey, Jonas has achieved a _______ for another person that proves _________ is more than just pride or enjoyment. Love
Jonas is set out to give the community the freedom of ______________. Choice
In the end of the book Jonas ….. Either made it to elsewhere, or he died.
Jonas has become …. The ultimate giver.
I am like Jonas because____________________. I know love.

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