The Giver Vocabulary Words 1-15 (with page numbers)

INTRIGUED (p.1) To arouse the curiosity by unusual, new, or otherwise fascinating or compelling qualities
NAVIGATIONAL (p.2) Used for directing the path or course of something
SUPPLEMENTARY (p.7) Something added to a complete object
APTITUDE (p.15) Ability or talent for a skill
. RELUCTANTLY (p.22) To do unwillingly or begrudgingly
TABULATED (p.28) Arranged in a systematic way
. VIVIDLY (p.34) Strikingly bright or intense
INTERDEPENDENCE (p.40) mutually reliant on each other
INVARIABLY(p.46) Always the same, unable to change
10. METICULOUSLY (p.52) taking or showing extreme care about minute details
BENIGN (p.59) Will not harm, is not dangerous
EXEMPTED (p.68) Excused from completion
INTRICATE (p.74) Extremely detailed or complex
TORRENT (p.81) A rushing, violent, or abundant and nonstop stream of anything
HASTILY (p.89) To do something quickly or without being careful

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