The Giver “Rules”

Rule 1 “Pilots cannot fly over the community,” Jonas hears announced in Chapter 1. When they do, they are “released.”
Rule 2 Members of the community must adhere to the rules of his/her age group or job.
Rule 3 Each person in a family must share his/her dreams in the morning, and in the evening, his/her feelings of the day. “It was one of the rituals, the evening telling of feelings.” Lily tells of being “angry,” but her father mollifies her feelings since no strong emotions are permitted.
Rule 4 There can only be four members to a family: father, mother, son, daughter.
Rule 5 No one is supposed to have strong feelings.
Rule 6 In December, the Ceremony is held and the different age groups then advance a year. Also, there are changes made; for example, the Nines get bicycles and the girls no longer have to wear braids. The Elevens receive their life Assignments.
Rule 7 There is no fighting or lying
Rule 8 Objects cannot be removed from designated areas. One day Jonas takes an apple out of the recreation area and an announcement is made; therefore, he must throw away the apple and apologize to the Recreation Director
Rule 9 There must be respect for elders.
Rule 10 People must remain in their assigned positions.
Rule 11 People must remain with their assigned partners.
Rule 12 People who are in puberty or older must ingest pills for “stirrings.”
Rule 13 No one must look at anyone in the nude except old people or babies, for whom they are caring
Rule 14 Members of the community are also not allowed to leave the community.

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