The Giver Review For Final Test

Jonas became the new Receiver of Memory
The Giver the most important member of the Community
Lily Jonas’s younger sister
Jonas’s Mother worked for the Department of Justice as a judge
Fiona Jonas’s friend who was assigned to be a caretaker of the Old
Asher Jonas’s friend who was assigned to be the Assistant Director of Recreation
Roberto one of the Old who was released
Jonas’s Father worked in the Nurturing Center as a Nurturer for newchildren
Committee of Elders leaders of the Community
Rosemary the Giver’s daughter who chose Release rather than receiving memories
being able to lie The rule that bothers Jonas the most
Chief Elder person in charge of Ceremonies
Caleb child who drowned in the river
Ceremony of Ones receive their name and their family
apple Jonas’s first thing that changed to a color.
hearing behond The Giver’s special ability
age How children are classified
Ceremony of Twelves receive assignments or job
share feelings the family did this at the end of each day
dream tellings the family did this at the beginning of each day
kill to release someone is to ______ them
childless adults parents who have grown children
December the month of the Ceremonies
bicycles method of transportation in the Community
sunburn first memory of pain given to Jonas
sledding downhill The first memory Jonas receives
1 year Jonas received memories for _______
lie Jonas could, but Community members were forbidden to
color How Jonas’s abiltiy to see beyond is shown
their definition of “animals”? someone who is uneducated, clumsy and doesn’t fit in.
How many new children are born each year and become ones if none are released? 50
How did Jonas’s mother and father get his sister Lily? applied to a child
What happens when you become a nine? You get a bike
Why is it a joke in the community when a rule goes to the committee to get changed? it takes a really long time to get a rule changed.
Who is the receiver? The most important elder.
What is the warning that Jonas’s mother gives him about how his life will change after he turns twelve? won’t have much free time and he probably won’t be hanging out with his friends much
What is Lily’s comfort object? stuffed elephant.
What kind of eyes does Jonas have? pale eyes (blue)
What assignment would Lily like to have? birthmother
What happened to Jonas during his game of catch? the apple changed
What happens every morning between the members of the family unit in the community? share their dreams
Why does Jonas have to start taking pills? stirrings
What are stirrings and how does jonas feel about them? dreams and feeling about liking someone else
How long does the December Ceremony last? 2 days
Why isn’t Gabe at the ceremony? he hasn’t reached the proper weight can’t sleep soundly so he was labeled uncertain
Where are you sent when you are realesed? Elsewhere
What is the ceremony of loss? It is when murmur the kid’s name the whole day less and less frequently.
What is the murmur-of-replacement ceremony? It is when the murmur the new kid’s name soft and slowly first but louder later.
How are the kids in the community named? Everyone has a different name and when someone is realeased or gone, a new person takes the name.
Other than being old, an unfit newchild,or breaking the rules 3 times, how else can a person be realesed? You can apply for release.
How are spouses matched? They are matched by disposition, energy level, intelligence, and interests so they balance eachother out.
How long must you wait before applying for a child after you are given a spouse? 3 years.

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