The Giver questions Chapters 1-5

What do you think might happen to someone who is released from the community? They will be sent away or killed
What does a person do after something wrong? What is everyone else’s response? They apologize and explain and everyone else must accept the apology
What does a Nurturer do? Takes care of the new children
How many people are in every family unit? 4
Name one thing you learned about the community during the ritual telling of feelings? They share their feelings daily
What is different about the way children are born and infants are cared for in the community? The birth mother takes care of the baby for one year and then the child is given to a family
Jonas is an Eleven and his sister, Lily, is a Seven. What does this mean? This is their age
Why is it so difficult to get rules changed in the community? It must first go to the committee and they ponder over it until everyone forgets
What is the Ceremony for the Ones? When all the babies turn 1 and they are given to the new family and a name
What is Lily’s “comfort object”? What will happen to it when she becomes an Eight? An elephant and it will be given to a new child
What happened to the apple when Jonas was playing catch with it? It changed
What effect do the pills have on Jonas and the other people who take them? They make the dreams of stirring go away
What is the cliffhanger in chapter 2? To find out Jonas’ assignment
Why might Lois Lowry have chosen Jonas as the name of her main character? He may be chosen for an important job, or assignment.
In the Bible the angel Gabriel is a divine messenger. What does the choice of this name for the new child suggest about Gabe’s improtance in the novel? He has a very important role and may send some message to the community
What are stirrings? Pleasurable, normal feelings

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