‘The Giver” questions and answers chapter 20 – 23

he cried and stayed with the Giver for the night What does Jonas do that first night?
People don’t understand release How does the Giver explain the circumstances?
The people need wisdom, they can make a change What does the Giver decide about the future?
they will be released to the community If Jonas succeeds in his escape what will happen to his memories?
so the people in the community have someone to lean on Why does the Giver want to stay behind?
memories of courage and strength What would Jonas receive before the ceremony to help him on his journey?
Jonas would go to the Giver’s dwelling. He would leave a note for his parents. The Giver would order a car and Jonas would ride in the truck. Jonas’ bike and clothing would be found at the river, as if he had drowned. The Giver would calm everyone down. The Giver would perform a ceremony of loss, and he would never be mentioned again. Describe the plan for Jonas’ escape?
Rosemary Who is the Giver’s daughter?
The plan falls apart because Jonas needs to leave that night or Gabe will be released Why does their plan fall apart? What will happen to Gabe the next morning if they wait?
He gives him memories How does Jonas keep Gabe quiet?
they sleep during the day, and ride through the night, they made themselves cold How does Jonas and Gabe stay under the search planes radar?
It became rocky and the road was skinnier, less cared for, more natural As Jonas moves father away, what happens to the landscape?
rain After Jonas sprained his ankle, what weather pattern does he experience for the first time?
snow At the end of the book what is Jonas’ newest problem?
they are still going to the community What is happening to all of Jonas’ memories?
the red sled As Jonas pushes onward to the last hill what memory does he think of?
Christmas What memory does the story suggest that Jonas sees?
he remembered the community and his own memories When Jonas runs out of memories that the Giver gave him, what did he do?
Jonas and Gabe have reached elsewhere and they are feeling loved. he feels joyful, happy, and free What is s possible endings in the ambiguous ending?
Jonas risked both his life and Gabe’s life so that they could be together and happy so the community could have memories Why has Jonas become the “Ultimate Giver?”

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