The Giver Practice Test

he will be the new receiver in his ceremony, what does jonas’s assignment turn out to be?
color what does jonas experience before he meets the giver?
he will no longer share feelings every evening with his family what is not one of jonas’ new rules?
the house of the old at the beginning of the nover, jonas has a volunteer job at…
people who carry guns what is NOT shown in the community in the novel?
sunburn first memory of pain for jonas?
bicycle repair what was the dept. that relocated so often in the community that people could never find it?
apple what did jonas take from the recreation area?
he hints about things ot asher and the others jonas is told not to reveal any of the things he is learning in his training to his friends or others, but…..
sexual thoughts what are “stirrings”?
hearing beyond jonas’ special ability is seeing beyond. what’s the giver’s?
his upcoming assignment at the very beginning of the book, waht is jonas “apprehensive” about?
that he understood not to say the word “love” what was the first lie jonas told his parents?
sledding down a hill what was the first memory the giver transmits to jonas?
apple something jonas took without permission…
lying down when jonas receives the meories, he is:
a worker in the recreation department jonas’s friend asher becomes…
that child’s name will be given to some other child born later in the community, if one of your children accidentally dies…
the giver’s daughter who was rosemary?
a woman the chief elder during this novel is…
lilly-billy what is father’s nickname for jonas’s sister?
the giver who said “you suggested…that perhaps she wasn’t brave enough? i don’t know about bravery: waht it is, what it means. i do know that i sat here numb with horror. wretched with helplessness”
a hippo gabe’s comfort object?
jonas is presumed dead because his bike is found near the river what part of jonas’ and the giver’s plan at the end of the book does NOT happen?
lois lowry author of the giver?
he was released what happened to the pilot that flew over the town?
fiona jonas’ female friend?
asher jonas’ male friend?
apologize what would you do if you did something against the rules?
tell how you felt that day what was the ceremony that you have to do in at a dinner table each night?
gabriel what was the name ofthe little kid that father brought home?
caleb what was the name of the replacement child?
ceremony of the 12s what was the name of the ceremony jonas attended?
love, Christmas, and family what is the giver’s favorite memory?
true jonas tried to escape from the community
true when you were released you were killed
false jonas was given the job of working at mcdonalds
false the rules jonas got said that he was not allowed to lie
false jonas was allowed to apply for release
false teh first color that jonas began to see was purple
false only jonas and the giver were allowed to lie
false jonas was allowed to take medicine for teh pain that was from his training
false asher is the director of language
true jonas gave memory to gabe
dystopia a world that is supposed to be perfect but turns horribly wrong…
larissa who does jonas bathe during his volunteer time?
worker at the department of recreation what was asher’s assignment?
caretaker at the house of the old what was fiona’s assignment?
cliff hanger an abrupt ending that leaves the reader’s questions unanswered which causes suspense-
science fiction a form of fantasy in which the action takes place on another planet, in the future, or in another dimention-
fractured leg after falling off the sled waht memory does the giver give to jonas that causes him serious pain?
hunger/starvation what memory does the giver have that made him advise against alowing four children for each birthmother?
to give his parents a break from taking care of gabe in the middle of the night why does gabe start sleeping in jonas’ room?
gives him the comforting memory of a sailboat how does jonas lull baby gabe to sleep
love what word does jonas use with his parents that they are shocked to hear?
stops taking the pills for the stirrings waht does jonas do for teh first time at the end of chapter 16?
playing a war game what are the kids doing when jonas finds asher on the unscheduled holiday?
rides her father’s bicycle waht does lily do that she’s not supposed to do?
allusion when an author refers to a well-known piece of literature, art or history-

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