The Giver: Plot Diagram

Exposition Jonas is an 11 year old he has a friend named Asher and Fiona lives with Mom Dad and Lily. lived in an isolated community in the future that has many rules.
Conflict should he accept his job? Should he save Gabes life? the community did not have knowledge about many things making Jonas want to share what he knows, but how?
Event 1 Jonas is worried about assignment and start seeing colors
Event 2 Jonas was chosen to be receiver and receives first memory from Giver
Event 3 wants to share memories so starts giving them to gabe
Climax Jonas finds out what releases and doesn’t want to live in his community and knows he must do something
Falling 1 the giver and Jonas plan and Escape for Jonas to leave so the memories will be free
Falling 2 Jonas doesn’t go with plan so instead saves games and rides away. He is faced with Hunger pain and many other things and he doesn’t even know where he’s going
Resolution Jonas leaves community in order to save Gabe and gives the community his knowledge even if he can’t go back when dead he sleds down a hill and sees a house.

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