The Giver Chapters 6-10

In this section (6-10), why is the entire community going to the auditorium? The community is going to the auditorium for the Ceremonies.
What is the significance of the “Ceremonies”? The Ceremonies are an annual celebration where the children of the community are recognized with significant step-up changes until Twelve. At age Twelve they are “assigned” roles in the community.
What happens at the Ceremony of One? Infants from the Nurturing Center are assinged to their family units.
What will Lily recieve at the Ceremony of Eight? Lily will receive instructions for first volunteer hours and a jacket with smaller buttons and pockets (for her own belongings, indicating maturity).
What important object do Nines receive at their Ceremony? What does receiving this object mean? the Nines receive bicycles. It is a powerful emblem of moving gradually out of the community, away from the protective family unit.
How are the family units created in the community? Couples apply for children-one male and one female-when they feel ready or prepared to become a family. Children are received, one at a time, several years apart, at the Ceremony of ones.
How does the family unit receive their children? Couples receive children at the Ceremony of Ones.
Name any occupations mentioned in Section 2 where math would be important in the community. Accept any reasonable answer.
What story does Asher tell Jonas? Asher tells Jonas about the boy who did not like his assignment, so he ran away by swimming across the river to leave the community.
What are the responsibilities of the Committee of Elders? The Elders watch over the children during volunteer hours, assign roles, and make decisions about rules in the community.

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