The Giver Chapters 3-5 Study Questions

What was unusual about Jonas and the newchild? They both had pale eyes. Most of the Community members had dark eyes.
Describe the Assignment of Birthmother. What did Lily’s parents say about it? The Birthmothers had three children.They were not allowed to see the children. After the third child, the Birthmotherswere given jobs as Laborers for the rest of their lives.
What happened to the apple while Jonas was playing with it? The apple changed for an instant. Jonas was not sure what the change was, but heknew it had changed
Describe the Celebration of Release of Roberto. First, he told about his life. Then the attendants toasted, cheered, and chanted theanthem. Then Roberto made a good-bye speech. After that, he bowed andwalked through a special door in the Releasing Room.
Did Larissa know exactly where Roberto or anyone else went when they were released? No, she did not
What was Jonas’s dream about? What did his mother and father say about it? He had a dream that he wanted Fiona to take off her clothes and get in a bathtub.His parents said it was the Stirrings. His mother gave him a pill that would stopthem. She told him he would have to take one every day until he entered theHouse of the Old.

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