The Giver Chapters 20-23

What does Jonas learn about what happens to the Old? They are released just as the smaller twin was.
Jonas and The Giver decide that things have to change, so they think of a plan. Explain their plan. Jonas will run away the night before the Ceremonies begin. The Giver will say that he was lost in the river and will help the citizens.
Why will The Giver not go with Jonas? He must stay behind to help the members of the community cope with the memories and Rosemary
What does Jonas want The Giver to keep for himself? The Giver wants to keep his memories of music his way of “seeing beyond”
What things does The Giver transmit to Jonas to help him on his journey? He gives Jonas memories of courage, strength and endurance.
Who do we find out Rosemary really is? Rosemary was the Giver’s daughter.
Who does Jonas take with him as he escapes? Jonas takes Gabriel with him.
What probably would have happened to Gabe if he had stayed in the community? Gabriel would be released
What are some of the new and good experiences Jonas and Gabe have on their journey? They see wildlife such as deer, birds, and a fox for the first time.
What happens to Jonas and Gabe at the end of the story? They make it to “Elsewhere”

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