The Giver Chapters 20-23

How did Jonas react after he watched the release? He cried and became sarcastic.
What did The Giver tell Jonas he had realized about the memories? He said he realized that memories needed to be shared. His job was lonelybecause he had to keep all of the memories to himself. He said he was thinking of a plan to change things.
Describe The Giver’s ideas on changing things. The Giver said if Jonas escaped and went Elsewhere, the Community would have to take the memories. He knew it would be hard, but he thought it was possible. He would stay with them to help them, but Jonas could never return.
The Giver offered a very special memory to Jonas. What was it, and what was Jonas’s response to the offer? The Giver offered him music. Jonas said he wanted The Giver to keep it forhimself, to have when Jonas was gone.
Jonas asked The Giver to escape with him. What was The Giver’s reply? He said his job was to help the Community become whole. Then he wanted to be with his daughter, Rosemary
What did Jonas do instead of the original escape plan, and why? Jonas learned that Gabe was to be released. He escaped that night with Gabe.
Describe the escape. Jonas took Gabe on his bicycle. They rode all night, then rested during the day.Jonas transmitted calming memories to put Gabe to sleep. They traveled that wayfor several days. Jonas hid them when the search planes flew overhead. Hetransmitted memories of cold and snow so the heat-seeking devices could not findthem. Finally, the planes stopped searching.
Describe the changes in the landscape. There were more trees and streams. The forests were thick and dark. They sawtheir first birds.
What was the strongest fear that Jonas had during this part of the journey? He was afraid they would starve.
How did the story end? It began snowing and the ground became hilly. Jonas was forced to leave thebicycle and walk up the hill. When he reached the top, he was flooded withmemories of joy. He found a sled at the top of the hill and used it to sled downthe hill. On the way down he heard music and people singing.

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